Tag Heuer’s Connected Full Diamond costs more than a three-bed semi in Newcastle

There’s nothing new about a watch costing a stupid amount of money. For as long as they’ve existed, watches have been used as a display of wealth and status. Yet, you could argue that Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has taken things to another level with its new Connected Full Diamond watch, which will cost 190,000 Swiss Francs (£143,000).

Tag Heuer’s Connected Full Diamond costs more than a three-bed semi in Newcastle

To give you some context, that’s enough to buy 100 Apple Watch Editions, two Tesla Model S’, or a three-bed semi in Newcastle.

Unveilled at the 2018 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève, the Connected Full Diamond is more or less identical to last year’s £1,200 Tag Heuer Modular 45 smartwatch, except for one small detail – it’s adorned with 23.35 carats of baguette diamonds. That’s nearly 600 diamonds, if you’re curious. OK, the casing and bracelet are also made from 18 karat white gold, but otherwise it’s every bit the same smartwatch as its more affordable (but still very expensive) predecessor.

Elsewhere, the Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamond runs Android 2.0, has the same AMOLED display, the same connections (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC) and even the same Intel Atom Z34XX processor as the Modular 45 smartwatch.

This is a good processor, so it should at least have enough grunt to keep the watch working well for a few years, even on newer versions of Android Wear. But what after that? Well, Tag Heuer has said it’ll offer a program that lets you swap out the digital timepiece for a mechanical movement onces it’s become updated, according to the Verge.

It doesn’t seem quite the perfect solution, after all why wouldn’t you just buy a more traditional watch in the first place? Or, indeed, buy the Tag Heuer Modular 45 and drop your offer on the three-bedroom house by £1,200.

Image credit: Tag Heuer

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