RIP Vine: The best Vines according to Alphr

Yesterday was a day of joy and tragedy. We finally got to see the brand-new Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro, but we also lost Vine, one of the few unique social media platforms left. With no buyer in sight, Twitter decided to pull the plug, and it marks the end of an intriguing experiment.

RIP Vine: The best Vines according to Alphr

Sure, nothing is going to happen straight away, and users will have a chance to save their Vines – but it’s still a huge loss to social media, comedy and the internet in general.

Although Vine was a failure in financial terms, for the past four years it’s been responsible for spawning a whole new type of comedy. Vine had become a place for comedians, pranksters and video editors to make a name for themselves, with each of them trying to fit something special in just six seconds. In many ways, making something hilarious in such a strict set of rules was an art form. It was the contemporary version of writing a sonnet – or a haiku.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to try and come up with a list of the best Vines we can find. And we’re going to collect them on this page until Vine finally dies.

The best Vines according to us

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