How to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

We show you how to bypass Snapchat’s screenshot ban with this neat trick


The initial premise of Snapchat was that happy-go-lucky users could send pictures and videos with abandon, safe in the knowledge their content would expire after a matter of seconds, lost to the annals of digital history.

Except there’s a reason you’ve never heard the term “annals of digital history” before. Such a place doesn’t exist. Once something digital goes out into the stratosphere, you can never be sure it’s gone for good. Exemplified perfectly by the screenshot cheat sheets that have circulated the internet since 2011, when the app launched.

People have tried everything, from putting their phones on airplane mode and force quitting the app before Snapchat registers the screenshot, to the altogether more manual technique of using someone else’s phone to capture what’s appearing on your screen.

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Snapchat has closed off lots of these avenues now, including third-party apps that promised the elusive secret screenshot, but there’s one avenue left open (to iPhone users at least) and it doesn’t include the undignified rigmarole of soliciting a friend’s smartphone to document whatever saucy, salacious, or downright sordid interaction you’re having on Snapchat. Read on to find out just what that is….

How to screenshot on Snapchat

The secret to screenshotting on Snapchat lies with trusty iOS 11, whose screen record feature can be used to capture your interaction on the social media app.

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Getting there is easy enough.

Head to Settings, Control Centre, then Customise Controls. There’ll be a list of functionalities your iPhone can perform.

Peruse them until you find a small, red circular button labelled “Screen Recording”. Tap the small green cross to add it to the Control Centre’s roster (a red button will appear to its left), and you’re away.

To activate screen recording, tap the icon with two concentric circles – see bottom left of the screenshot on the right, below. 

The only time you can’t initiate a screen recording is when you’re in the middle of viewing a snap, so it’s best to glean whether or not a snap will warrant recording before you open.

Be wary, there are instances in which the sender will be notified if you’ve screenshotted/recorded their photo/video, namely if you’ve updated to Snapchat version 10.17.5 or later. If you’re currently in a preceding version of the app, you can screen record correspondents’ content safe in the knowledge they’re none the wiser to your duplicitous ways.

Disclaimer: If you didn’t already know it, this is totally morally dubious. Even if it is just an hysterically unflattering selfie of your recently initiated grandparents.

Header image: Global Panorama, used under Creative Commons.

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