What is Google Inbox?

Google has launched a new email system that it claims will help users deal more effectively with the deluge of information they receive by email every day.

Dubbed Inbox, the service will prioritise what it considers to be the most important emails, such as flight itineraries, photos and documents sent from friends and family, or event information.

What is Google Inbox

It also has categories, called Bundles, which will group together items like bank statements, social notifications, or receipts.

While this may sound similar to the redesign Gmail underwent back in 2013, there are a couple of standout features that make Inbox different.

The first of these, Highlights, provides additional information from the web related to important emails. In the case of flight itineraries, this could be the real-time status of their flight, or if they’re expecting a package it could be tracking information.

The next, Reminders, Assists, and Snooze, effectively bring calendar functionality into the email service. Reminders are exactly as they sound, and Snooze simply lets you snooze them and snooze emails as well. Assists, meanwhile, adds additional information to a reminder.

“If you write a Reminder to call the hardware store, Inbox will supply the store’s phone number and tell you if it’s open,” Google said in a blog post.

“Assists work for your email, too. If you make a restaurant reservation online, Inbox adds a map to your confirmation email,” Google added.

It also integrates with the company’s virtual assistant service, Google Now.

Whether this is intended to be a replacement for Gmail or not remains to be seen and Google hasn’t commented either way.

Inbox is currently invite only, but if this has whet your appetite there’s information in the blog post on how to apply.

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