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But with larger teams it’s also easy to lose track of who’s doing what (and when), which is when you’d use alerts. These can be attached to single documents and set to tell you whenever a change is made. At the same time, a check-out system prevents multiple users from making conflicting changes. Locally installed Office applications can be set to look for updates every ten minutes (or more often if you choose), and then incorporate the latest additions made by other members of the team; it’s like Word’s Track Changes feature on speed.

1&1 SharePoint review

Any changes you make yourself aren’t written to the remote document until you check them back in, at which point you can check in the whole file, or retain editing control yourself. It takes about half an hour to get used to thinking of your new work in this way – effectively only yours for a limited period of time – but once you do, it’s all very intuitive.

While the default layout of your SharePoint portal is both logical and functional, you can tweak it to suit your needs. An administrator can design surveys, add folders, change themes and embed other web pages – this latter point makes SharePoint an ideal companion to a larger corporate intranet. A tailored set of internal headlines could, in theory, be integrated into the SharePoint homepage simply by creating a new holder and pointing it at an online resource.

It’s difficult to find fault in 1&1’s implementation of the standard SharePoint package. The price is right, the setup is swift and easy, and the supporting documentation first class. It would have been a boon to have 50 mailboxes for the 50 authorised users, or free virus checking and spam sorting, but at this price this would have been a greedy demand. If you still aren’t convinced andwould rather try before you buy, check out Microsoft’s own SharePoint pages at www.sharepointtrial.com

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