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Articulate Presenter 5 won a Recommended award last month for its brilliantly simple method of delivering Flash-based presentations remotely over the web. This month, it’s the turn of Articulate Quizmaker 2, which does a similar job for interactive quizzes and surveys.

Simplicity is again key, and using Quizmaker couldn’t be easier. The first step is to decide whether you’re creating a feedback survey or a graded quiz. Then, by clicking on the large Quiz Properties button on the main toolbar, you can set up global parameters such as whether there should be introductory instructions, whether a time limit is appropriate, what the pass score should be, and whether users should be able to review or print the quiz after finishing.

Next, you add your questions. There are 21 types, including obvious options such as true/false, multiple choice, short and long answers, as well as more advanced options such as drag-and-drop-based sequencing and matching and image-based hotspot clicking. The basic setup involves little more than typing a question, providing a list of possible answers and, where relevant, indicating which is correct and providing custom feedback on wrong answers.

You can also import an image to add some visual interest and change the size of text, although there’s no control over page layout. It takes a minute to add most questions, but generally the results look as if you’ve spent hours on them, especially the more interactive options built on drop-downs and drag-and-drop.

Once you’ve added all your questions, you’re ready to publish. Quizmaker 2’s central Publish dialog lets you customise your project’s labels and colours and then output directly to Flash for web playback. With its cross-platform player, bandwidth efficiency and 98% market penetration, Flash proves the ideal web delivery medium and the main plank of Quizmaker’s success. The other is the sheer quality of the output.

Throw in support for SCORM and AIC-compatible learning management systems for results handling plus competent integration with the Professional version of Articulate Presenter, and Quizmaker 2 can be used to rapidly produce self-running e-learning courses including tracking and assessment. In this advanced context, however, issues such as the limited preset question types and missing layout control count against it. Nonetheless, the program’s simplicity and ease of use make Quizmaker 2 stand out.

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