Pinnacle Share review

Posting videos to the internet is an appealing prospect, but you need serious hardware to do it. Not only does rendering video require a decent processor and plenty of RAM, but cutting clips and storing them on your PC is a sure-fire way to start seeing “out of disk space” warning messages.

Pinnacle Share review

But with the huge market for watching short videos online, there’s also a need for places to edit the raw footage without complex and expensive hardware or software. Here, we look at four of the best free online video-editing suites. Needless to say, you’ll need a reasonable broadband internet connection to take advantage of them.

Pinnacle Share is the only example here to come from a company we’d associate with standalone video-editing software. Making its name with its good-value video editors such as Pinnacle Studio, the interface is the most advanced and reminiscent of Pinnacle’s standalone products. Unfortunately, a human administrator is required to vet all the clips you upload for “appropriateness”, and that took well over two days for each clip. It’s a huge problem in terms of user friendliness, and it also means you can’t simply upload a clip and start work.

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