HammerSnipe PowerTool review

Ebay is becoming an essential source for IT professionals looking for great-value computing kit. But whether buying or selling, you need the right tools to get the best possible value out of the deal.

HammerSnipe PowerTool review

If you’re buying items then sniping software allows you to hide your interest until the last possible moment, and then jump in with the lowest possible bid just before the auction closes. HammerSnipe PowerTool has two windows so that you can toggle between browsing Ebay without leaving the application and sniping via the AuctionStealer.com powered service. Shrinking to a small floating toolbar, it only takes a single click to set up a snipe from any auction page. You don’t need to be online for your bids to be made, and bids can be made with just 10 seconds of the auction left to run (3 seconds if you subscribe to the premium service), email notification if someone outbids your maximum price before the auction ends, and you can even bid in groups, cancelling the remainder when the first item is successfully purchased.

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