All-in-One Sidebar review

It’s been a while since we looked at the essential apps that integrate into the Firefox browser client. So long, in fact, that a new version of the browser has been released which broke some of the older and no longer actively supported add-ons. The extension reviewed here is one of the ones that we simply couldn’t live without.

The All-in-One Sidebar is inspired by Opera’s sidebar, and it soon becomes just as natural a part of the furniture within Firefox. One click on the left edge of the window and the sidebar slides into view, bringing quick switching between panels featuring add-ons, bookmarks, DOM inspector, downloads, error console, history, page info and page source. Want to display a website newsfeed in the sidebar? No problem, a multipanel option does that. Not only is just about every aspect of the sidebar configurable, but you’ll soon find yourself wondering why Mozilla hasn’t built this into Firefox as a default.

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