InkSaver 2 review

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Despite utopian promises of paperless offices, there’s little sign of less paper being used up and down the country. The printer market isn’t exactly stagnating, either. And, with the average office spending hundreds of pounds a year on consumables and media, these are the tools you need to bring those costs under control.

InkSaver 2 review

InkSaver 2 puts saving cash front and centre, too, promising to save money on ink. It does this by reducing the amount of ink put on the page rather than simply lowering resolution. You’ll need to spend some time tweaking the settings to get the right balance for your needs, but we found it easy enough to set it to save 25% of ink without sacrificing either quality or speed. Of course, it doesn’t work with all printers, and won’t work with Vista at all, which reduces its appeal somewhat. And, of course, many printers come with powerful printer drivers for tweaking quality and ink usage.

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