Webaroo Mobile review

If it’s for bells and whistles you’re after, have a look at Webaroo.

Webaroo Mobile review

At first glance, this also falls into the ‘do I really need that?’ category.

Why bother with an application that scrapes web content and bundles it up for offline mobile viewing?

Simple, cost. Even if you have paid for an all-you-can-eat internet data access plan, you will find there is a cap in your contract which limits your online appetite.

Webaroo works on any handset that supports Java MIDP 2.0 applications, and allows you to pre-load any of 100 ‘web packs’ of content, which cover everything from popular culture through to mainstream news, and then have them available for viewing offline.

All the content is optimised for mobile devices, links are preserved and it really is just like browsing the web.

But though it’s a nice idea and works really well in practice, it can’t beat the real thing for true online interactivity.

Many of the web packs do seem tailored for an Indian audience, too.

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