World of Warcraft review

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This year’s gaming phenomenon: an online fantasy RPG boasting over four million players worldwide. Join them, and it won’t take long to see why.

World of Warcraft review

Blizzard took the realms and creatures it had developed in three best-selling Warcraft strategy titles, and created Azeroth: a living, breathing world of adventure fit for months of exploration. Where other online RPGs proved too demanding or inaccessible for mainstream gamers, World of Warcraft (WoW) sucked them in with simple, enjoyable quests and then steadily pushed them out into the larger world.

If you just want to explore the deep forests and thriving cities on your own, taking quests where you find them, you can. If you want to join guilds and socialise, vanquishing monstrous hordes en masse, that’s fine too. The game even has a perfectly pitched player vs player dynamic. Whether you join the men, dwarves and night elves of the squeaky-clean Alliance, or the orcs and walking corpses of the Horde, you can have a hand in Azeroth’s fate – the recent Battlegrounds patch added large-scale confrontations between the two. Despite its cartoon graphics, WoW is so rich in atmosphere and evocative in detail it practically becomes a second life. Just remember it’s subscription based and costs £9 a month.

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