Battlefield 2 review

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Further proof that the PC remains the king of online gaming, Battlefield 2 took the online military first-person shooter and ramped up the scale to epic proportions.

Set in a fictional conflict between Western forces and Chinese or Middle-Eastern opponents, the game takes up to 64 participants in its simulated battles, with players opting for a number of offensive, defensive or support roles. Clever squad-command features promote teamwork, while the game’s vast maps encourage the use of vehicles, including tanks, jeeps, planes and helicopters.

It doesn’t always work – it takes a certain discipline to make the most of the game – but when it does it’s a perfect marriage of strategy and action. And, thanks to a stunning graphics engine, it’s a stirring, cinematic combat experience too. When you’re charging into battle, your comrades beside you, tanks coming over the hill in front and bombs exploding to the rear, Battlefield 2 is as thrilling as PC gaming gets. At the very least, download the demo and try it out.

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