NUUO NVR IP+ Surveillance Management review

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The monitoring utilities bundled with most IP cameras are basic in terms of features, but NUUO’s Surveillance Management software provides scheduled recording, motion detection and more. Depending on the licence, it can take feeds from multiple sources, including megapixel cameras and H.264 streams, and allow you to turn your PC into a complete surveillance station.

NUUO NVR IP+ Surveillance Management review

Installation on a Vista PC was swift, with licensing managed by a USB dongle. The Main Console interface is easy to use and you start by adding your cameras. For testing, we used a pair of Sony IPELA SNC-P1 models plus an Axis 216FD and 213PTZ. Camera setup is aided by a UPnP search mode, which discovered only the Axis cameras, although it was easy to add the Sony cameras manually, and the software automatically identified them after we’d provided IP addresses and login details.

The console offers direct access to all video feeds, where you can view up to 64 cameras in the same screen. The Sony and 216FD cameras are fixed, but with the 213PTZ we could control its PTZ functions directly using the control pad alongside the viewing window.

Each camera defaults to recording continuously to the host’s hard disk, but you can modify this by applying a schedule to each one. These allow you to activate recordings at set times, and for each day you can have multiple time slots. Alternatively, you can add motion detection to schedules or go for the Smart Guard option, where motion detection on one camera can trigger others to start recording. The camera’s I/O connectors can also be used, so an event such as a door opening will trigger multiple cameras.

The standard Guard feature allows you to tie in other events with actions. Events range from a lost signal or focus or general motion detection to an object being removed from the defined area. Actions are equally extensive: you can choose from email, phone calls, setting off a digital output, FTPing a snapshot or sending an SMS.

Playback features are extensive, as you can select a camera and time period and watch the stored video. You can even search swiftly through a video for periods where motion detection was activated or objects appeared or disappeared in the viewing area. From the playback screen you can back up videos to another location, while the cue option lets you select sections of a video to be secured.

A separate Viewer allows other users to connect to the host system, and they can be permitted to view only specific cameras and need permission to access playback and recording functions.

We’re impressed with the features NUUO offers. You’ll need to factor in the cost of additional IP cameras, but the extensive vendor support should allow you to keep within your budget.


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Operating system Windows Vista supported?yes
Operating system Windows XP supported?yes
Operating system Linux supported?no
Operating system Mac OS X supported?no
Other operating system supportNone

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