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The MMC console lets you create new policies for selected AD users and groups, which contain device and port permissions plus time periods for when they’re active. Offline policies for mobile workers can activate when DeviceLock detects they’ve left the main network.

NetworkLock is accessed via the new Protocols section in the MMC console. Policy creation is the same as for ports and devices: select a protocol, choose access levels and apply.

SMTP controls work well. We allowed some users to send emails but not add attachments, and stopped others from sending any emails. This also works over SSL, and our blocked Outlook users couldn’t connect to their SMTP servers. For FTP we could allow or deny full access, and permit upload or download activities separately.

Windows Messenger has two options for controlling logins and allowing the sending of messages. However, both checkboxes can only be on or off together, so all you can do is block access completely.

DeviceLock 7

The ContentLock option does add to costs, but it allows you to look for keywords and patterns in files being copied or transmitted, and block only those that match. After licensing, this adds options to the content-aware section in the MMC console, and DeviceLock provides predefined lists. We created our own list of patterns and keywords and tested it by sending Word documents using FTP and SMTP. It worked perfectly, blocking matched files.

You can also apply auditing and shadowing policies to NetworkLock. With this activated we could see all activities from the console, view all emails being sent, and load up any attachments for further investigation.

ContentLock adds an extra dimension to NetworkLock: instead of a wholesale application block, you could permit access but decide which files can be transmitted. ContentLock also applies to removable devices such as USB sticks.

If you’re worried about your data falling into the wrong hands, DeviceLock 7 is an ideal solution. It provides some of the toughest access security on the market, and the new protocol control and content-awareness modules are well worth considering.


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