Sony accidentally reveals SmartBand 2 complete with heart-rate monitor

Sony is on a bad run lately. First there was the hacking scandal that took place over Christmas because of its new movie, The Interview. Then there was the announcement of huge losses experienced in its mobile division. The recent handling of the Xperia Z3+/Z4 flagship smartphone launch has been laughable, too. And now Sony has accidentally revealed the SmartBand 2 fitness tracker on Google Play. You dread to think what’s next.

Sony accidentally reveals SmartBand 2 complete with heart-rate monitor

The initial listing has, unsurprisingly, been taken down by Sony. However, it revealed that the SmartBand 2 contains a heart-rate monitor to improve fitness readings, and no longer relies on Sony’s Lifelog app for tracking. The Google Play listing revealed the SmartBand 2 in a description for a new and fully featured tracking app simply called “SmartBand 2”.

“This is the official Sony application for SmartBand 2 SWR12,” reads the description on a cached version of the now-removed listing, “an innovative life logging wrist band [sic] that tracks your body effort through pulse and HRV, keeps track of your movements and your sleep.”


It’s clear from the wording and formatting of the description that this wasn’t meant to be a final listing. Sentences such as “the smart wakeup function will give you a smooth wake up in morning”, or “the notification function will notify you if someone is calling or if you get a new social media message, or even if you forget your phone behind,” hardly smack of polished marketing copy from Sony.

Screenshots from the app show increased functionality for the SmartBand 2, but Sony does still recommend you merge app data with Lifelog for a more complete package.

While the leak doesn’t reveal too many details about the SmartBand 2’s hardware, we can tell that, as with the original SmartBand, the SmartBand 2 will track steps and sleep cycles. It will also pair with a phone to offer simple alerts, and feature a silent alarm.


The addition of a heart-rate monitor brings it in line with various other fitness trackers on the market, such as the Fitbit Charge HR. However, it still falls short against the likes of the Microsoft Band and Basis Peak in terms of feature set.

No date has been stated for the SmartBand 2’s release, but with the app apparently ready to go, you can expect an official announcement from Sony soon.

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