NASA asks Twitter to celebrate Voyager-1, hilarity ensues

If you’ve seen the very first Star Trek film, and you probably have, you’ll know about Voyager 1 – and even if you haven’t, you probably still know about Voyager 1. It’s the most famous space probe ever made – apart from Sputnik – and it was launched 40 years ago, on 5 September 1977. It left our Solar System this month five years ago, and now it’s the furthest man-made thing from the Earth. And the best bit? It can still receive messages.

NASA asks Twitter to celebrate Voyager-1, hilarity ensues

To celebrate 40 years since Voyager was launched, NASA has been asking Twitter to suggest messages to send to the probe. However, as the National Lottery account also knows, Twitter isn’t always the best place for serious suggestion, and the replies have been interesting. Take a look at the #MessageToVoyager hashtag used for the campaign, and you’ll see what I mean.

Some of them are sort of funny:

Some of them are quite bizarre:

Some of them actually are funny:

Some are profound:

And some of them don’t really make sense at all.

Maybe asking the internet was a bad idea, NASA.

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