How to set up Google Home, link Spotify and add multiple voices

The Google Home, and its smaller sibling the Google Home Mini, have been dropping in price in recent weeks thanks to Black Friday and pre-Christmas sales so if you’ve grabbed a bargain, or got one as a gift, you’ll be keen to make the most of it.

How to set up Google Home, link Spotify and add multiple voices

You can train it to recognise your voice, ask it questions, stream music and cast video to your TV (providing you have a Chromecast) among many other things. Here’s how to set up Google Home.

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How to set up Google Home

  1. To get started with setting up your Google Home, plug your device into the mains
  2. Install the Google Home app for Android or iOS. Make sure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home
  3. Open the Google Home app
  4. Tap Get Started and select your preferred Google account. Click OK
  5. You’ll need to enable location access so the phone can find nearby devices and vice versa
  6. Tap OK
  7. Once the app has found your Google Home or Google Home Mini, tap Next to connect to it and tap ‘Yes’ when prompted
  8. Now, when asked, choose your region and pick the preferred language before tapping Continue
  9. Select the room your Google Home is located in. This will help you cast media to it if you have more than one Google Home or Google Home Mini
  10. Finally, select your Wi-Fi network and either enter your password manually, or select Get Password to automatically fetch the network’s password from your phone or tablet. The latter only works if the phone has already connected to that specific network in the past
  11. After connecting to your Wi-Fi network, tap Next and “Yes I’m in” to give the Google Home the necessary permissions

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How to set up voice recognition on a Google Home

  1. After you’ve set up your Google Home, you’ll be asked to teach the Google Assistant to recognise your voice
  2. Doing this means Google Home can give personalised answers to your questions based on your previous searches, age and other personal data
  3. To add other people’s voices they’ll need to set up the app as above and teach the assistant to recognise their dulcet tones
  4. How to add your address to Google Home
  5. After you’ve given the Google Home and app access to your location, it can fill in your address automatically based on your Google account info
  6. Alternatively, tap the Add address button to type the address manually
  7. It should be noted that you can skip this step but the capabilities of Google Assistant, such as details about local weather, traffic and businesses, won’t be enabled

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How to add Spotify, Deezer and more to Google Home

  1. After deciding whether you want to be sent Google Home tips or not, you’ll be given the option to link music services
  2. Tap + and follow the account linking steps before tapping Next
  3. If you select Spotify, for example, you’ll need to sign in with your Spotify username and password
  4. If you add more than one music service, you can select which service you want to set as default when prompted and then tap Next again
  5. Repeat the above steps for adding video services

How to add connected devices to Google Home

  1. Any Chromecasts already connected to your Wi-Fi network will be automatically synced to your Google Home meaning you can cast music and video using your voice
  2. Tap Next and you’ll be given a chance to rename your linked devices
  3. You will then be able to speak about the devices by name
  4. Once connected, you’ll see a summary screen that confirms everything you’ve set up
  5. Select “Finish setup” and you’re all done

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