How To Change Km to Miles in Strava

Strava is an app that makes it easier for runners and cyclists to form their routes and track their progress. It shows you various stats, including the distance you have covered.

How To Change Km to Miles in Strava

You can check this in an instant and you can switch between two measurements – kilometers and miles.

The app went through many changes in the previous years, and its developers keep adding new features. For example, it used to be difficult to track route distance in anything other than kilometers. Recent updates fixed this, and it became very easy to switch between different measurements.

This article will show you how you can change the values from kilometers to miles and vice-versa. It will also cover some useful tips about the app in general.

How to Change Km to Miles

With the most recent updates, it is easy to customize your preferences. You can do it in a few simple steps on your Strava profile, like so:

  1. Log in to your Strava profile.
  2. On the top right corner of the screen, hover over your profile picture. A dropdown menu should appear.
    strava settings
  3. Select Settings. Your Profile information should open, displaying various menus on the left-hand side of the screen.
    strava my profile
  4. Find ‘Display Preferences’ and open it.
  5. Select Units & Measurements.
    strava display preferences
  6. Here you can choose between two combinations: Kilometers and Kilograms, or Miles and Pounds.
  7. Choose ‘Save’.

Once you choose your preferred measurements, all the units on your profile will be converted to your choice. Even if you have data saved in a different measurement, the app will convert it.

Changing Units and Measurements in ‘My Routes’

When making a new route in the ‘My Routes’ map, you can switch between kilometers and miles too. This will not affect your general profile, as it only applies to the route you made.

This is how you can implement this change:

  1. Access your Strava profile.
  2. Hover over ‘Explore’ on the top left of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear.
  3. Select ‘My Routes’.
    strava my routes
  4. If you want to switch measurements in routes that you’ve already made, select one from the list. Then select the ‘Edit’ button.
    strava edit route
  5. If you want to create a route from scratch, select ‘Create a New Route’. A map will open.
    strava new route
  6. On the left side of the screen, choose ‘Settings’ (gear icon).
  7. When the Settings Menu appears, find the ‘Units’ segment. You will see two buttons – ‘km’ will show kilometers and ‘mi’ will show miles.
    strava km to mi
  8. Choose one and the measurements will automatically switch.

More Strava Tips

If you’re enjoying using Strava, try out some of the other features that can make running and cycling even more enjoyable.


If you have a competitive streak, the app offers a game-like experience. Try to overcome the challenges and compete with other users to see who is the fastest, or who can run or cycle the greatest distance.

There are various challenges to choose from each month, and you earn rewards and achievements. Some rewards even come in cash. You can visit the Strava challenges page and choose a challenge that will suit your workout style.

strava challenges

Add Activities

On the top right side of the screen, you can see an orange plus icon. When you hover over it, you can see the available Strava options. When you choose ‘Add a Manual Entry’, you can write a brief report about your running or cycling route. You can also give it a name and description, so all your friends can check it out.

Create Routes and Check Heatmaps

In the ‘My Routes’ menu, you can check the most popular routes in your town or favorite running area. You can explore heatmaps and find out where most people like to run or cycle and why.

The app will automatically build new routes for you when you decide on point A and point B. You can see whether any of your friends are using the same route too.

strava segments

Search for Segments or Create Your Own

In the Explore -> Segment Explore menu, you can look for all the segments on a certain location. Segments are small parts of a route that users create. When you make a public segment, everyone can see it. You can also find other people’s segments, see their results, and create leaderboards where you can compare results and compete.

Your Say

What is your favorite Strava feature? Do you enjoy trying out different activities, creating routes, competing, or just going on a casual stroll? Leave a comment below to share your experience.

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