How to Add a Page Break in SurveyMonkey

Page layout and formatting are integral to presenting a survey in a clear and understandable way. They make your questions and information easier for your audience to read. Fortunately, SurveyMonkey lets you add useful page breaks and various formatting options.

How to Add a Page Break in SurveyMonkey

In this article, you’ll learn how to add page breaks using SurveyMonkey.

Adding a Page Breaks Using SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey typically allows you to use formatting options through its Survey Builder. Note that you’ll need to have an active SurveyMonkey account to access these options.

Here’s how to start using page breaks in just a few steps:

  1. Click on the “Create Survey” option from the main menu once logged in to your account.
  2. Select the “Start from Scratch” option and input the relevant information.
  3. The platform will direct you to the survey maker. Experiment with some questions, adding at least two using the building icons from the left menu.
  4. Move your cursor over the “page break” option. This is the icon with three dots on it. Click on it and hold down your mouse while dragging it between your two questions.

Once you use the page break option, your page will end and start anew between these two questions. However, we recommend being sure about this option as you can’t “undo” the page break. You’ll need to delete the whole page before starting again.

The page break is only one of a wide range of formatting and management options that you can choose from:

  • The “Intro Page” option allows you to add an introduction to your design.
  • The “New Page” formatting option automatically adds another page to your design.
  • The “Copy Page” will duplicate your selected page and allow you to place it at various points within the Survey.

Use these various icon-represented tools by dragging and dropping or selecting them from the left-hand menu on the platform. They help to enhance your Survey by presenting information in a structured way.

For example, frequent break page breaks help readers focus on fewer questions and give them a certain sense of accomplishing the tasks. An introduction page helps contextualize the questions with any additional information the reader needs.

Copying a page and then just changing the question text (if you’re using the same type) can be more convenient than dragging and dropping tools all over again

Using Questions in SurveyMonkey

While page breaks and introductory pages take care of the survey formatting, the actual questions are vital for the content. Many types of questions and answers are available on Survey Monkey. You can find them all on the left-hand menu under your survey design. Here are just some of the survey questions available:

  • The Likert Scale. The Likert scale acts as a spectrum for people to mark their varying levels of agreement. It’s especially effective for general statements. You’ll find them useful if you want to know other people’s attitudes and feelings towards specific topics.
  • Multiple Choice. This is the most common type of question-and-answer format. Reliable for gaining precise feedback on your questions, it allows readers to select one of the options you present them with. The drawback is that sometimes you may be unable to include the respondent’s answer.
  • Dropdown menu questions. Sometimes, multiple choices can get a little hefty. This makes it hard to keep the Survey clean and neat. Various choices with many options can take up much space. To counter this, you can use a dropdown menu. The answers only become visible upon clicking on the arrow icon.
  • Text-Box questions. Answers using a text box are great when you need more precision and nuance in your answers. They’re advantageous for open-ended questions requiring a detailed opinion or explanation. Employers will frequently use these to ask employees if they want to see any change in operations.
  • Visual Ratings. Adding a bit of visuals is a great way to make your survey look more user-friendly. You’ll have the option to make rating scales with hearts and stars. Many online surveys opt for these types of questions and they’re appropriate for things like customer and employee satisfaction.

These questions and answers are just some of the most common examples on the platform. There are also ranking scales, image choices, file uploads, etc. When planning out a survey using this platform, make sure to think about the appropriate questions beforehand. The phrasing of a question will help you figure out what type of answer tool you should utilize.

Planning a Survey on SurveyMonkey

Now you know how to use formatting and question types for your survey using the builder, you should be ready to go. However, there’s still some things you can do to make your survey process more effective and enjoyable.

  • What do I intend to achieve with my survey? If your Survey needs detailed answers to complex problems and you’re especially curious about what people think, then using open-ended questions and text box answers would be appropriate.
  • How can I make the person like answering my questions? Factors outside our control can influence precise information and feedback. Present information in a way that’s attractive to answer. Endless lists of multiple choice can confuse people and leave them unable to provide an answer.
  • What is the best platform for the type of survey I’m making? SurveyMonkey offers various tools to efficiently and conveniently build your survey. Consider using a platform that has all your needed resources and customization options.

Once you’ve decided which questions to use, you can simply drag and drop them using the SurveyMonkey builder.


Why do page breaks keep messing up my formatting on SurveyMonkey?

Page breaks can be placed between any two questions. If it’s affecting your formatting, consider deleting the page, and adding more questions before introducing the page breaks. This will ensure consistent formatting.

Is there a limit to my questions on ServerMonkey?

Yes, there is a limit of 10 questions for users creating a survey free of charge. Users can upgrade this by paying a subscription every month.

How do I make people most likely to answer my survey?

If you’re using SurveyMonkey, the best way would be to utilize the range of tools that you have available. Make sure to use frequent page breaks for formatting. Other extra steps you can do include phrasing your questions so that they’re clear and easy to answer.

Using the Formatting Options in the Builder

Using a page break will change what people think about your survey. It can make them less likely to answer and more confused if you don’t use the tool wisely. To avoid this problem, take advantage of the nifty tools SurveyMonkey has to offer. The sleek interface design consists of icons on the left side of the screen with a drag and drop option. Planning out your survey and asking the right questions will help you achieve your goals too.

Was it easy to use the page break on SurveyMonkey? What about the other features? Let us know in the comments section below.

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