Synology DiskStation DS1010+ review

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Along with a new design, the DiskStation DS1010+ from Synology aims to give SMBs plenty of network storage, top file-sharing performance and expansion potential that puts the rest to shame.

Despite its compact dimensions, the DS1010+’s chassis is well constructed. At the rear you have dual Gigabit Ethernet, eSATA and four USB ports, plus a pair of large but quiet cooling fans.

The five drive carriers aren’t lockable, but a button stops them popping open. The carriers have mounting holes for 2.5in SFF disks, and with these installed you can drop the fans to a lower speed.

The eSATA port is primarily for servicing Synology’s new DX510 five-bay expansion unit. This is a dumb unit designed to present five extra hot-swap SATA drive bays to the main unit.

The Assistant utility prepares the hard disks and installs the OS from the CD or from wherever you’ve downloaded the latest firmware. For testing, we added a quartet of 1TB WD GreenPower drives configured as a RAID5 array.

Synology set standards with its Ajax-based web interface and the new DiskStation Manager 2.2 is slick. It also adds support for WD’s advanced format technology, where the 512-byte hard disk sectors are replaced with 4KB sizes.

The DS1010+ supports Windows, Linux and Mac clients, local or AD authentication and user storage quotas. Replicator 3 handles scheduled backup; once a full copy has completed it secures new files and modifications on-the-fly.

Synology DiskStation DS1010+

You can use the appliance as a web server, publish pictures with the Photo Station and use Download Station to copy files from remote locations using BitTorrent, HTTP or FTP.

The firewall allows you to apply rules to traffic on either network port and to selected IP addresses. Rule creation is simple: define services with port numbers, deny or allow the traffic and apply the rule to a port.

The Surveillance Station is licensed for up to 16 IP cameras and includes motion detection and automatic recording. We tested with an Axis 216FD camera and could view its live feed from the separate web interface, and schedule recording.

The DS1010+ is fast, with Iometer reporting raw read and write throughputs of 112MB/sec and 110MB/sec. Real-world performance is good too: drag and drop copies of a 2.52GB video clip from a Fujitsu RX330 S1 dual-Opteron 2356 server with a RAID5 SAS array returned speeds of 80MB/sec and 67MB/sec.

FTP speeds were even better using FileZilla, with speeds of 96MB/sec and 92MB/sec. It supports up to ten iSCSI targets and, for raw read throughput, Iometer reported average speeds of 109MB/sec.

Along with excellent performance, the DS1010+ offers a cornucopia of storage features. It’s well built and the matching DX510 eSATA expansion unit allows capacity to be increased.


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