How to Get Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom

Building is a big part of the experience in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK). With fun new abilities like the Ultrahand, you can fuse objects together, crafting your own unique structures. The Autobuild ability makes the process faster and easier, automatically constructing things with the press of a button. It’s a must-have ability, and it’s relatively easy to obtain.

How to Get Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom

Read on to find out exactly how to acquire Autobuild and what you can do with it.

How to Get Autobuild in TotK

Unlike most of the other key abilities in TotK, Autobuild isn’t simply handed to you as part of the tutorial. You’ll need to make some effort and go a little out of your way to obtain it. However, it’s possible to get Autobuild quite early on if you know how. Here are the main steps you need to follow:

  1. Complete the tutorial and go to Lookout Landing.
  2. Finish the “Camera Work in the Depths” quest, in which you obtain your camera.
  3. Begin the “A Mystery in The Depths” quest.
  4. Enter The Depths.
  5. Make your way to the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
  6. Complete the quest and receive Autobuild, Defeat Master Kohga.

How to Complete “A Mystery in the Depths”

“A Mystery in The Depths” is the main quest you’ll need to finish before getting your hands on the Autobuild feature. As the name implies, this mission takes place in the Depths, so it’s wise to prepare yourself. Bring some Brightbloom Seeds and plenty of food to restore your health.

Here are the main steps to follow to complete this quest:

  1. Speak with Josha at Lookout Landing to obtain the quest. She’ll ask you to return to the statue you photographed in the previous quest, “Camera Work in the Depths.”
  2. Fast-travel back to the Iayusus Lightroot in The Depths to save some time and start the quest.
  3. Look at the statue and turn the way it’s facing. Move in that direction until you reach another statue.
  4. You’ll eventually reach another statue and can repeat the process, moving in whichever direction it faces.
  5. Repeat this several times, passing through the Grove of Time to the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
  6. You’ll meet two researchers who will ask for your help rebuilding their vehicles. They’ll give you the Autobuild ability.
  7. However, an enemy will appear before you can finish the quest and start using Autobuild. It is Master Kohga, who also appeared in “Breath of the Wild” (BotW).
  8. After defeating him, go back to Lookout Landing and speak with Josha. She’ll ask you to use Autobuild one more time to repair a hot air balloon to finish the quest.

How to Beat Master Kohga

Depending on when you decide to get the Autobuild ability, Master Kohga may be one of the first bosses you face in TotK. Luckily, he’s not too tricky to defeat, but new players may still have a tough time figuring him out. Here are some tips and strategies to win the fight:

Use Your Vehicle

Just before the battle begins, you’ll use the Autobuild for the first time to repair a vehicle. You’ll need to use that during the fight with Master Kohga. He’ll be riding his own truck and trying to run you over. However, you can avoid his ram attacks by staying in your vehicle.

The Boulder

When Kohga realizes he can’t run you over, he’ll summon a big boulder from above to try to smash your vehicle. This is your chance to strike. Dodge the boulder by moving to the side, then take advantage of your chance to hit back. You can either jump onto Kohga’s vehicle and hit him or fire arrows at him.

Do Damage Before He Vanishes

After using his boulder attack, Kohga will be stunned briefly, so you should hit him as hard as you can in that time. After a little while, he’ll vanish and then respawn on his vehicle, far away from you. Since it takes time to run across to him, you might be better off firing as many arrows as you can.

The Pattern Changes

Once you’ve taken out half of Master Kohga s health, he’ll start using different attacks. His vehicle will get new reinforcements to guard against arrows, and he’ll start to charge you. Luckily, the back of his vehicle is exposed. So, let him charge at you, dodge the charge so he bumps into the arena wall, and then shoot at him from behind.

What Is Autobuild and What Can You Do With It?

Autobuild is a brand-new ability for TotK. As the name suggests, it’s an automatic builder tool. It’ll help you construct things very quickly and efficiently without manually moving individual parts and pieces around with the Ultrahand.

When you make something, it’ll get stored in the Autobuild menu. Then, you can use Autobuild to create that same structure again with the press of a button. However, it won’t store all your creations throughout the game, only your most recent ones.

To get around this, you can mark certain builds as your favorites, ensuring you can recreate them whenever you like. In addition, you don’t need all the materials to make things with the Autobuild; if you’re missing anything, Autobuild can use Zonaite to fill in the gaps.

How to Use Autobuild

With Autobuild, making things like vehicles and machines easier than ever. Here’s how to make use of this ability:

  1. Hold the “L” button to bring up your ability wheel.
  2. Use the right stick to select Autobuild (it looks like three purple hands).
  3. Choose one of your most recent or favorite builds in the menu provided.
  4. A template will appear. Move it around to gather the necessary materials around you. If you don’t have all the relevant materials, a pop-up will show you how much Zonaite it will cost for Autobuild to finish the build.
  5. Press “A” to complete your creation.


How early in the game should I get Autobuild?

It’s possible to obtain Autobuild within your first hours in TotK, not long after completing the tutorial, and obtaining it as soon as possible is recommended. Because it’s quite well hidden, many players have spent 20+ hours in Totk without finding Autobuild, missing out on its useful benefits. However, if you can acquire it early in your adventure, you can save tons of time building things later on.

Is Autobuild better than Ultrahand?

In some ways, yes, as Autobuild lets you save lots of time by building things in seconds. However, it only works with things that you’ve already made in the past. You must still use Ultrahand to create new structures and vehicles before unlocking them in the Autobuild menu.

How many builds are saved in Autobuild?

Autobuild will save up to 30 of your most recent projects in total. You can set eight of them as favorites, so they won’t be deleted.

Create Vehicles in Seconds With Autobuild

Autobuild is one of the best abilities to unlock in TotK, and it’s worth getting as early as you can. It’ll save you a lot of time later on when making your go-to vehicles and devices. So, if you haven’t got it yet, head back to The Depths and complete the quest to add Autobuild to your ability wheel.

Have you already unlocked Autobuild? What’s your favorite thing to make in TotK? Share your thoughts on this fun new ability in the comments.

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