How to Get Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom

Rupees in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” is the game’s currency and help you buy various things, like weapons, armor, food, materials, etc. Vendors all over Hyrule offer you services in exchange for money. Moreover, items that are of higher quality and rare items will be more expensive. For this reason, you need to amass as many Rupees as possible since you never know when you’ll need to buy something.

How to Get Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom

In this article, you’ll learn how to get Rupees and the quickest way to acquire this “Tears of the Kingdom” currency.

How to Get Rupees

There are many ways to collect Rupees, as the world of Hyrule is full of materials, plants, etc. And practically anything you find while exploring can be sold for money. Some methods are faster than others. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to collect money as soon as possible, you need to know how to do it.

Selling Cooked Meals

Gathering meat from different animals and cooking them in the pot will earn you some Rupees in no time. Vendors will pay accordingly depending on the ingredients in your meal, so try to focus on cooking the best meat, such as prime meat, gourmet meat, and bird thighs, if you plan on cooking for profit.

Furthermore, meat can be acquired by using Wolf Link Amiibo. You’ll get a stack of good meat, with a couple of prime pieces and maybe a rare gourmet one. A guaranteed way to get the highest quality gourmet meat is hunting in the Hebra region.

Selling Elixirs

Apart from meat, another item you can make in the cooking pot and sell is elixirs. The better the elixir, the more money you will make. The more ingredients and animal parts you cook, the more value the mixture will have, hence more Rupees.

Selling Precious Stones

While exploring Hyrule, don’t miss out on the precious stones and gems hidden in the caves. While you can attach gems to your weapons and armor for better durability, they can also be sold for Rupees. Prices may vary depending on the gem. Here’s how many Rupees you can get for each:

  • Amber – 10 Rupees
  • Opal – 30 Rupees
  • Topaz – 80 Rupees
  • Ruby – 110 Rupees
  • Sapphire – 260 Rupees
  • Diamond – 500 Rupees

The list shows that diamonds are the most valuable precious stones in “Tears of the Kingdom.” A vendor in Goron City named Ramella will give you 5,500 Rupees if you bring her 10 diamonds. If you do the math, you’ll see that’s a 500 Rupee bonus. Moreover, prices at vendors differ, as some might give you a lower price. To ensure you sell the gems for the highest possible price, sell your gems in Goron City.

Selling Star Fragments

This collectible is scarce. These fragments appear where a Shooting Star hits the ground, but they won’t stick around for too long. They can be used for various things, such as upgrading armor, and are very valuable. However, if you need Rupees fast, sell a Star Fragment for 200 Rupees.

Selling Armor Pieces

As you travel across the world in “Tears of the Kingdom,” you’ll gather many pieces of armor you won’t use. Since they take up room in your inventory, you can get rid of them by selling them to a vendor. However, ensure you don’t sell something valuable.

Also, there are times when you will have two items of the same usability, style, and stats; in this case, sell one, as you can’t put them both on. However, sell the lower-tiered armor if the armor is identical in all ways but stats.

Shoot the Blupees

Blupees are cute glowing creatures, usually found near a cave. Killing them can earn you from 20 to 100 Rupees. These little creatures may also lead you to a cave, so make sure you follow them home. You may just find some precious stones for your trouble.

When you’re ready to shoot the creatures, remember to deal as much damage to them as possible since the damage done will influence the Rupees you receive. Thus, killing Blupees with bombs and explosives is much more effective and will earn you more money than simple arrows.

Kill Yiga

Even though they won’t earn you many Rupees, dead Yiga will drop some money. You can find them in The Depths, usually in camps. Yiga Clan members are fairly simple-minded monsters that you can easily defeat. Furthermore, if you stay in The Depths and explore it further, you can find many mineral deposits and enemies you can loot for expensive items to sell.

Do Side Quests

You are not guaranteed a Rupee reward for each side quest you complete. However, they are certain side quests where you can obtain up for up to 100 Rupees upon completion. For example, the “Potential Princess Sighting” and “Messages from an Ancient Era” quests will grant you money. For the latter, you only need to take a photo of every tablet, which is a quick way of earning Rupees.

Help Addison

Addison has a problem that only you can solve. He needs to get his sign construction up. You’ll receive some money for your efforts once you solve the puzzle and help with the sign. There are material caches nearby where the sign is supposed to stand. You can use them and build a support for the sign, and not only will he give you Rupees, but you’ll also get different loot.

Fight Stone Talus

Stone and Battle Talus can be found across Hyrule, and it’s worth it to seek them. These mini-bosses will drop gems during combat, so bring a hammer for an easier battle. After you defeat them, they explode and become a pile of treasures you can sell to vendors. Occasionally, a defeated Talus might drop a few Rupees as well.

Selling Dragon Shards

Dragons can be seen circling the sky in “Tears of the Kingdom.” They are valuable since you can collect and sell their shards for Rupees. However, you first need to get on their back to earn money. There are two possible ways to do this. The first is to launch yourself in the Skyview Tower, and the second is to jump on them from the Sky Island.

Furthermore, hitting their spinal spikes to get the shard would be best. They can produce up to 12 shards, possibly even more. You can earn more than 300 Rupees in one haul.

Eventide Island Mini-Game

In the southeast of Faron, there is a small island that the pirates inhabit. Killing all of them unlocks a mini-game for which you need to have a steady aim to earn Rupees. The more precise the hit is, the more money you can earn. Ensure you have enough money in your pocket since the mini-game costs 20 Rupees. In addition, to make your aim more precise, you can use the “Recall” ability.

Earn Money Fast

The actions mentioned above are some of the ways to get Rupees. Some are more efficient and faster to complete, but if you need money, they are all worth doing. Cooking and selling is the most common way of earning Rupees, especially because your inventory will fill up with ingredients without you noticing while you explore the land and do quests. Also, defeating enemies will drop valuable materials, so you might not even need to search for money directly.

What way of earning Rupees has been the most useful to you? Have you discovered any new way of gathering currency in “Tears of the Kingdom?” Let us know in the comments section below.

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