How to Get Through the Lost Woods in Tears of the Kingdom

On the way to the Great Hyrule Forest in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” players must enter the Lost Woods. Although they might not get that far, the area of Lost Woods won’t allow the player to pass through it easily.

How to Get Through the Lost Woods in Tears of the Kingdom

Entering the Great Hyrule Forest is vital for many reasons, including acquiring the Master Sword. In this article, you’ll find out how to get to the Great Hyrule Forest and through the Lost Woods.

How to Get Through the Lost Woods

You must enter the purple mist in the Lost Woods to get to the Hyrule Forest. However, as you venture further into the fog, you’ll soon realize it’s impossible to get through it. The purple mist spits you out of that area whenever you try to enter the forest. Additionally, no path safely leads players into the Great Hyrule Forest, and there is no way to do it from the air with a paraglider.

Go Through Minshi Wood Chasm

Since there is no way to enter the forest from land and air, the only possible option remains The Depths, the subregion of the land of Hyrule. This gloomy, dark area is a more challenging environment than the surface, and a player might need all their resources to survive it.

Throughout Hyrule, many chasms lead to the subregion of The Depths. But the one you need to get to the Korok Forest faster is the Minshi Wood Chasm. It is located near the Woodlands Stables and the Ekochiu Shrine. It is also close to a location called “Great Fairy.”

  1. Enter the Minshi Wood Chasm underneath the Lost Woods.
  2. Use the glider to get down so you don’t kill yourself.
  3. Head northeast towards the center of the Korok Forest.
  4. On top of the “Ogre Trees” follow the “Poe” orbs.
  5. The orbs will lead you to the location of Eknupup Lightroot. Light the way and find Rikonasum Lightroot and the Korok Grave.

Upon finding the Korok Grave, you are almost out of The Depths and in the middle of the Korok Forest on the surface of Hyrule. To get to the center of the forest, you first need to:

  1. Activate the Rokunasum Lightroot for visibility in the Korok Grave.
  2. Go up the stairs until you reach a stone platform.
  3. Stand below the ceiling and use the Ascend ability to reach the surface.

Furthermore, before finding the Minshi Wood Chasm, it’s recommended to put a pin into the center of a Korok Forest for better orientation when in The Depths. The forest’s center lies at coordinates 0487, 2131, and 0144. Not only are these coordinates necessary for orienting in The Depths, but also this is the location of Master Sword from the “Breath of the Wild,” if that’s your reason for entering the Great Hyrule Forest.

Beware of Enemies

It’s highly recommended first to reach the Eknupup Lightroot structure since, from there, it’s easier to get to Rikonasum Lightroot and the location of the Korok Grave. You may run into Gloom Hands or Gloom Spawn just before getting there. Make sure to run if you see them. It takes much firepower to defeat these enemies, as they spawn a Phantom Ganon when you kill the Gloom Hands.

Use Brightbloom Seeds

Since you are in The Depths and can’t see what lies ahead, use Brightbloom Seeds to light your path until you find the Lightroot structures. Using these seeds is of uttermost importance if you don’t want to lose health. Be sure to avoid large gloomy areas in The Depths, as they will decrease your hearts, and you later won’t be able to heal them traditionally. The longer you stand in the gloom, the more hearts you lose.

Additionally, you can provide yourself with Gloom Resistance with an item called “The Dark Clump” and not worry about this problem. This particular ingredient enables players to craft foods that deliver gloom resistance.

Activate Musanokir Shrine

Once in the Korok Forest, you must activate the Musanokir Shrine. The shrine is located nearby, and you don’t need to complete it immediately. However, activating this shrine will allow you to fast travel back to the Korok Forest and avoid going through all this trouble in The Depths again.

Healing the Deku Tree

You may notice a strange feeling inside the forest. The Koroks aren’t producing their usual sounds. Moreover, they are weirdly silent if you try to speak with them. The reason for this is the sickness that lies within the Deku Tree. It would be best if you healed the tree to return the Great Hyrule Forest to its previous state. But before you do, ensure you are healthy, well-equipped, and have plenty of resources, items, and ammo to throw at the enemies.

To heal the sickness, you must return to the chasm inside the Deku Tree and defeat Gloom Hands and the Phantom Ganon mini-boss. After you defeat these enemies, Hestu will appear, and you’ll get a quest for the “Master Sword” weapon. However, if your reason for entering the Great Hyrule Forest isn’t for the Master Sword, you don’t need to enter the Deku Tree.


How many shrines are in the Korok Forest?

There are five shrines in this area.

Is there a Goddess Statue in the Korok Forest?

The answer is yes. The Goddess Statue in the Korok Forest is located in the Thyphlo Ruins region at these coordinates: 0416, 2178, 0153. You can upgrade your Hearts and Stamina there, and some statues also give a sidequest.

Where is the Musanokir Shrine in the Great Hyrule Forest?

The Musanokir shrine is located south of the Deku Tree. This shrine lies at the coordinates: 0417, 2127, 0143.

The Depths Are the Way In

Getting through the Lost Woods can be frustrating when you don’t know where to start, and going inside the mist won’t get you anywhere. The Depths are the way to complete any quests that take you to this area. Just ensure that you’re prepared before you head in, and don’t forget to pick up the Master Sword while you’re there.

Did you find any other way to get into the Great Hyrule Forest? Let us know in the comment section below.

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