Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds

The Korok Seeds system is back once more in another Zelda game. They first appeared in an older game, “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.” Players could also collect them in “Breath of the Wind” and now in “Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK). Korok Seeds are the game’s biggest collectible, and you get a reward after collecting all of them.

Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds

This article will tell you more about Korok Seeds, how many there are in TotK, where to find them, and how to use them.

How Many Korok Seeds Are There?

If you’ve played “Breath of the Wild,” you know there are 900 Korok Seeds in the game. In TotK, there are 1,000 Korok Seeds available, 100 more than in its predecessor.

To find seeds from this forest creature (Koroks), you must complete puzzles and try different methods, as the seeds are hiding in every part of the Hyrule except for The Depths.

However, even though there are 100 more Korok Seeds in TotK than in “Breath of the Wild,” there is the same number of Koroks. You can find 800 individual Korok Seeds, but in the game, some Koroks have been separated from each other. If Link helps a Korok and brings them to their friend, he gets two Korok Seeds, one for each forest spirit.

So since 100 pairs of Koroks are lost throughout TotK, you get an extra 200 seeds, apart from the 800 individual ones, adding up to 1,000 Korok Seeds.

What Is the Reward for Collecting All Korok Seeds?

The reward for collecting every Korok Seed in the game is an item called “Hestu’s Gift.” Hestu is a merchant to whom you must bring seeds to upgrade your weapons, bows, and shield. However, the item looks like something Hestu made to commemorate your efforts. It’s a symbolic gift that doesn’t improve your abilities or give you new powers.

Collecting all the seeds in “Breath of the Wild” was a considerable achievement. The challenge wasn’t easy, but the reward wasn’t as good as the players expected. Unfortunately, in TotK, there are 100 more Korok Seeds to collect, but the prize remains the same.

How to Find Korok Seeds

Collecting seeds is an integral part of TotK. There are many ways to find this collectible, but the most common ones are helping a Korok find a friend and solving puzzles. Some puzzles are somewhat challenging and hidden all across Hyrule.

Puzzles for acquiring Korok Seeds shouldn’t be too hard to solve, as they are meant to be short. However, these little distractions can be tricky if you don’t have a key element for solving a puzzle. Once you successfully solve a puzzle, a Korok will appear.

Even though Koroks are spread across the map, there are some familiar places where you can find these spirits or the most common puzzles you need to solve.

Randomly Placed Objects

The most common puzzle is finding something that doesn’t fit in the scenery, like a flower in the desert, a rock in a tree, etc. When you find an object that doesn’t belong, interact with it, and the Korok will most likely appear.

Broken Patterns

This puzzle is also commonly seen in TotK. If you see something that doesn’t match the pattern, complete it so it looks identical. For example, if there are three shrines, but only two have a banana, put a banana on the third one. Or if there is a line of rocks with one rock missing, put a rock there and complete the line, and a Korok will reveal itself.

Move the Korok

If you find a Korok turned over because of its large backpack, you’ll need to reunite it with its friend. A marker will appear to find the friend at a nearby campfire. Use the “Ultrahand” ability to make a vehicle and reunite the two Koroks.

Follow the Flower

Flowers that teleport are another Korok Seed puzzle. Encountering a tall yellow flower that disappears when you get close to it indicates that you’ve reached another puzzle. Follow the flower to each teleported location until a white flower appears. Click on it, and you’ll find a Korok.

The Invisible Korok

If you see sparkling leaves or petals flying through the sky, it indicates an invisible Korok. Catch it to gather its seeds.

Pulling the Chain

Seeing a chain with a plug at the end of it stuck to an object is another sign of a Korok Seed puzzle. To solve it, you must use the “Ultrahand” ability and add more weight to the other end to pull out the chain. When you do that, the Korok will appear.

Fix Broken Objects

Like the patterns puzzle, gather the broken object pieces nearby and patch them up to reveal a Korok.

A Korok Mask

The Korok Mask is the best tool to collect all the Korok Seeds in the game. It was a unique item in the “Breath of the Wild” DLC, “Master Trials.” As mentioned, Korok Seeds can be found anywhere but in The Depths. But guess what can be found down there? A Korok Mask.

This special armor piece is available (to win) in the Forest Coliseum in The Depths. Find the Forest Coliseum in the Lost Woods, located northeast. When you enter the Coliseum, a Yiga will summon a creature for you to defeat. After you fight off a Hinox, you’ll get a chest containing the Korok Mask. When you put it on, the mask will rattle whenever you are close to a Korok.

Gather the Korok Seeds to Improve

Some players don’t enjoy collecting items spread around the map just for a quest. However, in almost every case, the vendor asking you to do the gatherings will reward you. In this case, collecting all 1,000 Korok Seeds yields a questionable reward. However, with Korok Seeds, you can increase your inventory size and upgrade weapons, and shields, making yourself stronger.

Did you manage to find all the Korok Seeds in TotK? Have you found a new Korok Seed puzzle or location? Let us know in the comments section below.

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