Tears of the Kingdom Lynel Locations

Lynels are some of the toughest enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), and have also appeared throughout the Zelda franchise. Combat encounters with Lynels vary in difficulty levels, depending on your character’s progress, but are usually on par with minor boss battles. The difficulty in beating these lion-based centaurs pays off with the rare materials you receive as loot.

Tears of the Kingdom Lynel Locations

If you’re interested in tracking down and defeating every Lynel in TotK, this guide will show you how.

Surface Lynel Locations in TotK

There are 34 Lynels in TotK. Fifteen can be found on the Surface level of the world map, while the rest reside in the underground Depths area. Here’s a complete list of all the Lynel locations on the Surface level of the world map, with location names and specific coordinates to follow:

  • West Hyrule Plains: -1595, 0187, 0108 (Red-Mane)
  • Upland Lindor: -2173, 1426, 0220 (Red-Mane)
  • Tabantha Hills: -2735, 1868, 0341 (Red-Mane)
  • Hebra West Summit: -4458, 2657, 0232 (Blue-Mane)
  • Lake Illumeni: -3311, -0096, 0092 (Red-Mane)
  • Risoka Snowfield: -4366, -0986, 0523 (White-Mane)
  • Stalry Plateau: -1522, -2664, 0158 (Blue-Mane)
  • Nautelle Wetlands: -0546, -3744, 0064 (Blue-Mane)
  • Harfin Valley: 0064, -3403, 0026 (Blue-Mane)
  • Kamah Plateau: 1417, -3064, 0202 (White-Mane)
  • Lanaryu Heights: 2740, -0979, 0247 (Blue-Mane)
  • Rabia Plain: 2517, -0593, 0122 (Blue-Mane)
  • Lanaryu Wetlands: 2070, -0350, 0009 (Blue-Mane)
  • Ukuku Plains: 3931, 0980, 0248 (White-Mane)
  • North Akkala Valley: 3700, 3006, 0033 (Red-Mane)

Lynels always spawn in the same general location, but it’s important to note that they may move around a little. So, if you visit the spots listed above and can’t see the Lynel, roam around a little, as it should be nearby.

In addition, while the list above includes the color of each Lynel, it’s worth noting that colors (and the difficulty) may change based on how far you’ve advanced into the game.

Depths Lynel Locations in TotK

The underground contains more challenging enemies, and as a result, you’ll find tougher Lynels (and more of them in total) in this section of the map. Here’s a full list of all known Lynel coordinates:

  • Abandoned Hebra Mine: -1603, 2523, -0684 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Abandoned Tarrey Mine: 4212, 2721, -0573 (Armored Blue-Mane)
  • Abandoned Tarrey Mine: 3150, 1693, -0650 (Armored Blue-Mane)
  • Abandoned Lanayru Mine: 2604, 1145, -0597 (Armored Blue-Mane)
  • Abandoned Eldin Mine: 1041, 1124, -0474 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine: -1224, 0764, -0551 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Great Abandoned Central Mine: -0246, 0792, -1090 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Abandoned Kakariko Mine: 1084, -0267, -0466 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Abandoned Kakariko Mine: 1761, -1926, -0463 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Great Abandoned Central Mine: 0253, -1187, -0473 (Armored Red-Mane)
  • Abandoned Lurelin Mine: 1585, -3496, -0512 (Armored Blue-Mane)
  • Abandoned Lurelin Mine: 0500, -3457, -0500 (Armored White-Mane)
  • Abandoned Kara Mine: -2799, -2238, -0482 (Armored Blue-Mane)
  • Great Abandoned Central Mine: -1439, -1262, -0485 (Armored Red-Mane)
  • Floating Colosseum: -1127, -1159, -0499 (Five Lynels can be found here: Red, Blue, White, Silver, and Armored Silver)

Again, if you arrive at the precise coordinates and can’t see the Lynel, roam around a little. It shouldn’t be too far away.

How to Defeat Lynels

With this guide, Lynels may be easy to find, but they won’t be easy to beat. Even experienced Legend of Zelda players may struggle against these fearsome and highly aggressive foes. Their attacks range from close-range stomps to throwing fireballs and shooting arrows, so you can’t get a range advantage. Fortunately, there are a few tips and techniques you can use to bring a Lynel down:

  • The stun method: The most common way to fight Lynels is to shoot them in the head with your bow. This will momentarily stun them, giving you an opportunity to approach, mount them, and give them a good beating until they throw you off. You’ll have to repeat this process several times to defeat a Lynel, especially those with high HP.
  • Choose your moments: Every now and then, you should see a Lynel slump forward in between attacks. That’s your chance to rush up, mount it, and give it a smack. If you can’t find time to shoot the beast with your bow, simply dodge its attacks and wait for that slumping animation to make your move.
  • Know the patterns: Just like any other creature in TotK, Lynels have attack patterns. If it’s your first time fighting a Lynel, take the time to observe it and understand its attacks. Slowly but surely, you should be able to spot the patterns and identify the best times to hit back.
  • Get equipped: You won’t want to go into battle with a Lynel unprepared, so make sure to suit up with your best weapons and armor before each fight. If you keep losing to Lynels, you might need to wait a while until you’ve got some better gear. It’s also wise to stock up on food to keep your health up.
  • Puffshrooms: If you want an easy way to beat Lynels, bring Puffshrooms to the fight. You can find these smoke grenade-style mushrooms down in the Depths. When you throw a Puffshroom, it generates a cloud of smoke, and the Lynel won’t attack while the smoke is present. That gives you a chance at some free hits.

Rewards for Defeating Lynels

Since Lynels are so strong, you’ll get some good rewards for beating them. The exact items left behind will depend on which type of Lynel you encounter. They have a chance of dropping Lynel Saber Horn, Lynel Mace Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Bow, and Lynel Shield, as well as 10 arrows.

The horns are some of the best rewards to get, as you can use them to craft powerful elixirs or fuse with your weapons. The bow and shield are also handy for crafting, or you can sell them for rupees if you’re running low on cash.


What are the different types of Lynels?

The Lynels in TotK can be differentiated based on the color of their manes. Red Lynels are the weakest and easiest to defeat, with the lowest amount of HP. The full order from weakest to strongest is Red, Blue, White, and Silver. Armored variants are somewhere in between, so an Armored White Lynel is stronger than white and slightly easier than Silver.

Do Lynels respawn?

Yes, Lynels will respawn after a Blood Moon. So, if you want to farm the Lynels and collect the materials they leave behind, you just have to wait for a Blood Moon and revisit their location.

What are Lynels weak to?

Physical damage is the best option for beating Lynels. They resist elemental damage, so it’s best to focus on traditional physical attacks. A good method is to shoot the Lynel in the head and then mount it for some free hits.

Find and Defeat Every Lynel

If you want a full 100% completion rating of TotK, you’ll need to track down and kill every single Lynel in the game. This guide has shown you where to find them, but remember to prepare yourself, as the battles won’t be easy. If you’re only just starting the game, take some time to improve Link’s abilities and equipment before facing these formidable creatures.

Have you defeated any of the Lynels in TotK? Got any secret techniques for fighting them? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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