WATCH THIS: The horrifying gun-wielding homemade drone makes us scared for the future

If you find the thought of a drone flying over your garden fence – or zipping packages across the sky – unsettling then you definitely aren’t ready for drones wielding guns.

Imagine a Deus Ex-style future, where quadrocopters hunt you down and deliver cold justice with two bullets straight from the sky. Combine this with a Google-powered Skynet – there’d be nowhere to hide. As soon as these drones learn to open doors, too, we’re in trouble.

Perhaps that’s reading too far into the ramifications of YouTube user Hogwit’s homemade pistol-toting drone, but it’s still mildly terrifying. If one guy can strap a semi-automatic handgun onto a custom-built drone, which – you’ll notice – has automatic recoil stabilisation built in, what’s stopping someone attaching something meatier to a shop-bought drone’s underbelly? Perhaps this Call of Duty: Black Ops ad will one day be true.

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