What’s the Intel Education Summit all about?

The Intel Education Summit is just a few weeks away. We asked the company about its plans for the Summit and view on technology and education.

Why does Intel hold its Education Summit?

The Intel Education Summit is a non-commercial event, and its aim is to promote an academic discourse around education, removed from the politics and logic of the market place. Intel invests yearly in excess of $100 million in education on a CSR basis, and the Summit is only one of the many examples of our commitment to transform education for all.

It’s in its 12th edition– what has it achieved so far?

The biggest achievement has been to get the whole ecosystem together and to collaboratively discuss specific topics around education. From professional development to mobile learning, from social innovation to entrepreneurship, the Intel Education Summit has created an arena where topics are openly discussed, issues identified, and ideas and best know methods are openly shared.

How is Intel helping British schools get to grips with the new computer science curriculum?

When the new curriculum was being created by e-skills UK, they reached out to us, as they did with many other industry players, asking for resources and information that they could use for the curriculum. So we have already had a proactive input into the curriculum. In addition to that, we have free Intel Teach – Elements modules that teachers can access to learn how to make best use of digital skills in the classroom, for example, a module called “Collaboration in the Digital Classroom”.

So I’m a teacher or parent reading this and am excited by what Intel has to offer – what’s my next step? What should I do to get more involved?

You can register on the Intel Engage site, a global social network site for educators that allows you to discover ideas and resources, and to exchange with educators from around the world. As a teacher, you could also start looking on the Intel Teach Elements site mentioned above, and try some of the free courses offered there.

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