This 1967 video predicted Amazon, NestCam, online banking and the future of the PC

The 1960s were probably the golden age of technology predictions. It was the era when man was about to land on the moon, when the future looked bright and within a few short years everyone would have a flying car and your house would be powered by a personal nuclear reactor.

You might have noticed that a lot of those predictions didn’t come true. The flying car still eludes us, and personal nuclear reactors have gone the same way as nuclear rockets nuclear aircraft, for very good reasons.

But occasionally you might find a set of predictions which were startlingly close – such as the ones in this video. Part of a film called 1999 AD, produced by the Philco-Ford Corporation, it talks about how we’ll shop, pay bills and more using a device that looks remarkably like a PC. 

Amazon, Nest Cam, online banking… it’s all in there. Take a long look at the past’s vision of the future.

NOW WATCH THIS: Yes, it’s a concrete video, but watch it – it’s amazing

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