Dyson has redesigned the hairdryer and given it a £299 price tag

Hairdryers are a ubiquitous piece of technology, but their design hasn’t changed much in recent decades. A heater? Check. A fan to blow hot air? Check. The sound of a thousand cats? Check. Well, vacuum-maker Dyson wants to shake things up a bit, with a redesigned, quieter, hairdryer.

Dyson has redesigned the hairdryer and given it a £299 price tag

The Dyson Supersonic, which uses the same airflow principles as the company’s bladeless desk fans, consists of a hollow head and a handle that houses a compact air pump. The idea is that air is sucked through a vent in the bottom of the hairdryer, and then blown through the top. It’s a process that Dyson says causes much less noise than common hairdryers. dyson_supersonic_hairdryer_2

As well as being quieter, Dyson claims the Supersonic blows air twice as fast as conventional hairdryers. It also comes with an in-built thermostat to avoid overheating and an ioniser to deionise hair, which prevents the build up of static electricity.

It’s a smartblower, then. But will the £299 price tag put people off? Will people want to part with their cash for something that already exists, albeit in a less efficient form?

A similar argument could be levelled at hand dryers, but Dyson broke into that area with its Airblade dryers. While the cost will likely limit initial takeup of the Supersonic to high-end salons, a reduced price could see Dyson’s effort become the new standard for blowing hot air on to your head.

The Dyson Supersonic is due to go on sale in September 2016, initially in Japan. 

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