The DroneDefender shoots down drones without bullets

Drones are causing security headaches worldwide. Drug gangs are using them to smuggle their wares across borders and into prisons, and the potential for drones to be used for even more terrifying purposes (remember the homemade gun-toting drone?) is enough to give anyone pause for thought. Now, one company has built the ultimate drone defence: a gun that can shoot down drones without bullets. 

Battelle, the largest non-profit research and development organisation in the world, has developed the DroneDefender. And whether you’re a company that simply wants to stop rivals snooping on your top-secret premises, or an army base that wants to disarm drone-borne attacks, the DroneDefender looks to be just the ticket.  

I’m not entirely sure why it needs to be a gun, or why the DroneDefender in the video looks like the confused offspring of a TV aerial and an assault rifle, but if it works like advertised then who cares. Point it at the offending drone, and as long as it’s within 400 metres, the DroneDefender’s multiple antennas and jamming technology breaks communication with the drone pilot’s controls. Job done.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below.

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