Logitech has somehow made mouse pads exciting

Mouse pads typically aren’t described with phrases like “tech-savvy” or “new on the market.” But opposites attract — especially in the case of Logitech’s Powerplay bundle, which will use magnetic technology to charge a wireless mouse. 

The bundle will include a wireless charging base, a powercore module and a soft and hard surface to be placed on top off the base depending on the user’s preference. It will be available on 20 August  in the United Kingdom and the United States for $100 (around £79).

What you don’t get in the package is a mouse, which seems like something of an oversight. There are two mice that are initially compatible: the G903 and G703 —and they’ll be released later this month. The mice will have features like an on/off switch, hyper-fast scrolling button and 10g of removable weight for full wrist mobility. Their pricing in the U.K. is still being determined, but it should be between £90 and £140.

That means the lowest price for the full package is $215 (around £169), which may be worth it for Logitech’s feat of overcoming headaches usually caused by magnetic resonance wireless power transfer — the commonly used charging method that this upcoming bundle is based on.

The charging starts with an exchange between a coil in the base and a coil in the power core. A current in the base’s coil creates a magnetic field and causes a current in the power core. When both of the coils’ currents have the same resonant frequency — the frequency that causes an object to naturally vibrate or ring — energy is transmitted and powers the mouse.

Alignment and proximity are essential for this process to work, meaning most wireless chargers often hinder their appeal because the device must sit directly on the base to work. But the Powerplay bundle will allow the mouse to charge anywhere on the pad, so no charging breaks are necessary while you’re hard at work or just procrastinating.  

If you’re a Mac user though, this story is too good to be true since the Powerplay bundle is only compatible with Windows. Though if you’re an Apple fan, you’ve had quite enough new hardware for now, I reckon.

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