This £90 HDMI cable is perfect if you’re a fussy console gamer

If you told me you’d spent £90 on a HDMI cable, I’d say you were mad. No cable should ever need to cost that much and, almost instinctively, I’d say you’d been conned. But, as it turns out, the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition may well be worth that high price tag – if high-quality console gaming is your major concern, that is.

This £90 HDMI cable is perfect if you’re a fussy console gamer

The cable claims to provide anti-aliasing to your console games, creating a smoother – more realistic – image. Anti-aliasing is, in its simplest terms, a way to smooth out the jagged edges you see in a lot of games on consoles. PC gamers have had anti-aliasing options for years, but due to the hardware limitations of the console crowd, only now are we starting to see AA functionality in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X – and even they don’t do it very well.

So, for those who want to have the best picture output, the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition is here to help.

According to PC Perspective, the cable is actually very good at what it does – comparable enough with the anti-aliasing options found on PC games. It works so well because one end of the cable actually houses a microchip to untangle the image and soften its edges. To do this, the microchip end has to be plugged into your TV and have power via USB. It then seems to take less than a millisecond to process the image, resulting in almost no noticeable lag – perfect for your average console gamer who isn’t bothered by even the slightest latency issues.

The cable is also capable of upscaling to 4K and can output at 1080p at 120Hz.

As Ars Technica points out, it’s not yet known how well the cable works at displaying Netflix or Amazon Prime Video streams. It’s also unclear whether it can handle stylised games properly: PC Perspective only tried it with games with realistic-style visuals.

If, however, it can handle these outputs without issue, this £90 HDMI cable could be the connector of your dreams. At least, if you find aliasing bothersome enough to spend almost £100 on a solution.

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