Why you need to be at Future Tech Now

Technology is making big strides forward in 2018. Virtual reality and augmented reality is transforming our experiences and how we interact with our environment, while artificial intelligence and robotics could present the next leap forward for humanity. Meanwhile, wearable tech is giving us an even greater connection to the digital world.

Why you need to be at Future Tech Now

All of these technologies will be highlighted at Future Tech Now, bringing together hands-on interactive features, conference sessions and workshops for a three-day event from 5 April to 7 April. This interactive show is expected to welcome 8,000 attendees, from industry and enterprise to tech enthusiasts from the public, giving all a glimpse of the technology that will reshape the world in 2018 and beyond.

Ahead of the show’s opening, here’s a preview of the cutting-edge tech that will be on display – reason enough to book tickets and head down to London’s Business Design Centre.

Experience the Teslasuit

Our experience of virtual reality has largely been around sound and vision – but what about touch? The Teslasuit, a full body haptic VR suit, will take its wearer deeper into VR using electricity to stimulate nerves and give a sensation of feeling within virtual environments. London-based VR Electronics will show off its creation to the British public for the first time at Future Tech Now, showcasing how it will revolutionise entertainment, business and rehabilitation.

teslasuit_future_tech_now UK Premier: Teslasuit. Book your demo

Glimpse the future of AI and robotics

For years artificial intelligence and robots were the domain of science fiction – now it’s getting closer to reality. It’s thought that the driverless car will become the dominant road vehicle by 2040, while robotic systems could mean manual human labour in warehouses and factories will become a thing of the past. Future Tech Now’s AI & Robotics zone will look at the latest developments in this exciting field and feature experts giving their verdict on what’s to come.

Work out at the Digital Gym

In the future it will be possible to undertake an intense exercise workout without actually setting foot inside a gym. The BoxVR app, from London-based FITAR, runs through a VR headset and guides users through fitness regimes devised by a team of boxing and personal trainers. There’s even a full-body experience, allowing users to feel the sensation of flying, in the form of a system called ICAROS. At Future Tech Now, attendees will be able to try these out for themselves and compete for prizes.

icaros_slide_future_tech_now Visit the Happy Finish Shard VR Slide Experience

Drink at the Vocktail Bar

The world’s first virtual cocktail, or ‘Vocktail’, will be available to sip for attendees at Future Tech Now. Created by researchers at the National University of Singapore, it plays with sensations of sight, smell and taste using scent cartridges. “You can use real alcohol and augment the flavours, or just use water and totally change the perception of what you are drinking,” said Vocktail project lead researcher Nimesha Ranasinghe.

The future of healthcare at Hospital 2.0

The average human life expectancy for people in England saw a sharp rise from 75.9 years in 1990 to 81.3 years in 2013. Great leaps forward in medical care mean we’re living healthier for longer, and technology is helping everything from surgical training to simulations of degenerative conditions and physical impairments. Future Tech Now will be building a 21st century hospital, so you can explore how VR, AR and AI is revolutionising healthcare.

Hit top gear at the Automotive Lab

By the end of 2018 it’s predicted that automobile manufacturers will have sold more than 81 million vehicles, a huge jump from the 54 million units being sold per year between 2000 and 2013. Car manufacturers are rethinking their product development by allowing teams to virtually experience design changes before giving the greenlight to production. Not only that, customers can browse virtual showrooms ahead of making the crucial decision to buy. Future Tech Now’s Digital Engineering & Testing Centre will be unveiling a world-first fully immerse vehicle driving experience at the show, and you can also explore how the HP Z VR Backpack offers unrestricted freedom for the automotive industry.

hp_z_vr_backpack_future_tech_now HP Z VR Backpack

Admit one to the 360 Movie House

Film has remained largely unchanged since the adoption of sound in the 1920s. The recent push to reintroduce 3D may not have taken off, but virtual reality could prove to be a gamechanger for cinema. Future Tech Now will feature a cinema space allowing guests to experience immersive storytelling. Plus, there’ll be workshops demonstrating how actors can work in 360° spaces and the skills required by the filmmakers of tomorrow.

Level up at the Games Arcade

With platforms PSVR, Vive and Rift all coming into their own, 2018 is poised to be a big year for virtual gaming. The Games Arcade will have VR and AR setups throughout the entire event, giving attendees the chance to explore cutting-edge gaming environments. Future Tech Now has also partnered up with the London Games Festival (running 5 April to April 15) to make Saturday 7 April its gaming day with dedicated talks and demonstrations.

Funding for the future

Future Tech Now aims to build a hub for enterprise and future technology, demoing products that will transform training and boost productivity. The show’s sponsors Innovate UK and Immerse UK will also be on hand to talk about the £33 million fund that has been launched for the UK’s creative industries. They are offering private one-to-one sessions at the show and presenting in the main conference, giving companies an insight into how they can secure funding for the future. The industry conference on 5 April is a must-attend for those looking to learn how businesses can boost productivity.

Future Tech Now runs from 5 April to 7 April at London’s Business Design Centre. Buy tickets to the event here.

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