Tesco Hudl 3 release date, price and rumours: Bad news for Hudl fans

We were pretty effusive about last year’s Tesco Hudl 2, which we thought set a whole new standard for budget tablets.  

Tesco Hudl 3 release date, price and rumours: Bad news for Hudl fans

Now available at a delicious sub-£100 price, it’s hard to see how the ubiquitous supermarket chain could top its previous efforts with a next-generation, family-focused Android tablet. Unfortunately, it seems that Tesco is similarly unsure how it could proceed, claiming “there are no plans to release a Hudl 3”.

Still, we’re used to companies being cagey about upcoming projects, so here’s everything we could expect from a new Hudl device if and when Tesco decides to release one.

Tesco Hudl 3: Release date

Tesco Hudl 3 release date

Predicting the launch date for the Hudl 3 should be easy by looking at past launches. The original Hudl hit the market at the end of September 2013, and the Hudl 2 arrived on 9 October 2014. Logic would suggest that the Hudl 3 should be with us shortly.

However, in a statement to PC Advisor, Tesco has said that the Hudl 3 will be missing its October release date, and won’t actually even be arriving this Christmas season or, potentially, ever.

“Currently we have no information for Hudl 3 specifications or release dates, I’m sorry to say but at this time there are no plans to release a Hudl 3.”

While this doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll never see a Hudl 3 come to market, it does mean we shouldn’t expect to see one within the next six months.

Tesco Hudl 3: Price

Tesco Hudl 3 release date

Tesco released the original Hudl tablet at a wallet-friendly price of £119. The Hudl 2 arrived a year later and was just £10 more, before dropping to a bargain-basement price of just £99 this year.

When Tesco does eventually come round to announcing and releasing the Hudl 3, expect it to be priced around the same £130 ballpark. While Tesco could feasibly price the Hudl 3 anywhere in the sub-£200 price range and still provide great value for money, it would undermine its audience and potentially hurt the conversion rates it hopes to see by people using its e-commerce software.

Tesco Hudl 3: Specifications


The Hudl 2 provided excellent value for money in the hardware department and the Hudl 3 should be no different.

Seeing as the Hudl 2 was powered by a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom chip and was equipped with 2GB of RAM, it’s more than likely that the Hudl 3 will come with the latest Atom chip and 2 or 3GB of RAM as standard.

It’s unlikely we’ll see a resolution boost beyond the already crisp 8in 1,920 x 1,200 IPS screen, but Tesco may boost the 5-megapixel rear camera to something a little more capable.

Other than that, expect it to have similar dimensions and run Android 6 Marshmallow – as, by the time the Hudl 3 releases, Google’s new mobile OS will be the default for new Android tablets.

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