Tesco Hudl 2 release date, specs and price: when will the second Tesco Hudl come out and how much will it cost?

Tesco has confirmed that it will be launching a second Hudl tablet later in 2014. Here’s where we bring to you information about the Hudl 2’s release date, specs and price in the UK.

The initial 7-inch Hudl tablet from Tesco was a bit of a game-changer for the UK tablet market, as at £119 it represented incredible value for money.

Tesco has sold half a million devices since the launch of the budget Android tablet in autumn last year, and while these figures are not breathtaking, the numbers are encouraging. An upgrade to the device’s specs and appearance could bring a big improvement to these tablet sales, providing it is priced as “aggressively” as the initial Hudl Android tablet.

Tesco Hudl 2 release date and specs

On a side note, CEO Philip Clarke confirmed that Tesco would be launching a smartphone with specs to rival the Samsung Galaxy S5 too.

Tesco Hudl 2 release date

Usually tech companies are a little coy when it comes to confirming a date for the launch of a new device, preferring instead to keep quiet and let interest grow as much as possible by remaining quite.

However, Tesco is not a traditional technology manufacturer, so that goes someway to explaining why the supermarket chain has already confirmed the Hudl 2’s release date will be sometime in September 2014.

Tesco Hudl 2 release date, specs and price

Tesco Hudl 2 specs

We’re sorry to report that there have been no confirmed specs announced for the Hudl 2.

Our experience tells us that Tesco will make the device more aesthetically appealing – as this is one of the biggest flaws with the first generation Hudl. We expect the supermarket giant will do so by reducing the amount of bezel on show, as well as trimming some of the device’s thickness and overall weight.

Predicting the exact hardware upgrades that a manufacturer will implement on a new device is a little trickier. However, a boost to the existing 1GB RAM is likely, as is a slight improvement of the front/rear facing 2- and 3-megapixels cameras. Finally, we predict Tesco to equip the Hudl 2 with a slightly better processor than the current 1.5GHz A9 Quad-core that powers the current budget Android tablet.

The Hudl 2 will be another tablet running the Android OS, so given that it will launch in the latter half of 2014, it will come running either Android 4.4 KitKat or the not-yet released updated version.

If Google does decide to update Android to 4.5 (possibly called “Lollipop”) then the Hudl should come with this preinstalled instead, as Google has started to push for new devices to come out of the box with the latest version of Android installed.

While no specs have been confirmed or leaked yet, we will be monitoring the situation closely and regularly updating this article as and when news breaks, so make sure you keep coming back.

Tesco Hudl 2 Price

This is another area Tesco CEO Philip Clarke failed to cover when talking to The Guardian and BBC about the next-generation Hudl tablet. The only thing that was confirmed was that it would still be a budget device.

With that in mind it is fair to assume that the Hudl 2’s price will be around the region of £119 like its predecessor. It’s also worth remembering that when Amazon and Google have updated the Kindle and Nexus 7 tablets, the prices have increased by £20-£30, so Tesco may follow suit.

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