Tesla teams up with Airbnb to put free chargers in selected rentals

Tesla and Airbnb have formed an unlikely partnership, and it means there are going to be more places to charge your Model S than ever. Announced today on the Airbnb website, the move will see Tesla install free electric vehicle chargers or “Superchargers” at prime rental locations, starting off on the California coast.

While Tesla and Airbnb’s latest venture appears to be an strange move, it all fits in with Elon Musk’s desire to make electric cars a more viable solution. Tesla has already spent millions of dollars on 499 Supercharger stations with 2,810 Superchargers, and that number is set to grow.

By partnering up with Airbnb and offering a financial incentive to hosts, Musk is slowly promoting the idea of electric vehicles, and pushing their widespread use. Those staying at the selected Airbnb apartments are more likely to use an electric vehicle (EV), and if they have a good experience, it’s likely they may consider using one when they return home.

When combined with a reported 53% surge in the UK’s EV market compared to last year, it looks as though Teslas are going to be a more common sight.


To be eligible for a free Supercharger, hosts must have an entire home available on Airbnb, have had more than five bookings, and an average overall star rating of four or more. New hosts with an existing charging station will be given a $100 Airbnb gift card after they host for the first time.

While Tesla is prepared to give away a charger for free, it won’t pay for installation. Instead, hosts will be required to pay for the installation costs, which can be between $200 and $900, depending on the layout of the home.

If you’re already interested in using a Supercharger-equipped Airbnb, the company has helpfully mapped out all the current Tesla-friendly apartments here.

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