Tesla Easter egg: Looks like Elon Musk is a fan of Mario Kart…

Tesla Model S and Model X owners – are you bored of the humdrum autopilot screen, which shows your vehicle driving along a tedious-looking lump of grey tarmac? Of course you are. Well, Elon Musk has some advice for you:

Follow these instructions and, as if by magic, your Tesla will suddenly be driving along what looks like a slightly more functional version of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road:

The actual Rainbow Road, of course, would be no match for Tesla’s autopilot – your car would fly off the road time after time, leaving you cursing the plumber in front’s overuse of banana skins or the dragon behind’s overreliance on star power.

But what did Musk mean by “psychedelic cowbell”? Turn on the volume in the Vine above and you’ll hear it. It’s the opening bars of (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue 

Öyster Cult – and a reference to a classic SNL sketch.

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