The Best Cloud Storage Services

The best cloud storage solution is going to be the application that allows you to secure your files in a location other than your computer’s hard drive. Using cloud storage means that your files are perpetually backed up, secure from hackers, and easily shared with collaborators that have permission to view or download them.

The Best Cloud Storage Services

In this article, we review the seven best cloud storage services currently available. Each service solution on this list provides the basics: syncing, storing, sharing, and security.

The 7 Best Cloud Storage Services

Here’s our assessment of the seven best cloud storage solutions available as of 2023.

1. Best Universal Cloud Storage Solution – Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is an exemplary storage and syncing system that is available as a stand-alone download or as part of the Microsoft 365 Office Suite. A top choice for cloud storage, it interacts with any device or system and offers a compatible download link for Mac.

Although anybody on any device can download Microsoft OneDrive, the free version works best with a Windows OS computer. Microsoft OneDrive also works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, has multiple layers of security, boasts a user-friendly interface, offers collaborative editing, and detects all sign-in activity.


  • Favors business collaboration
  • Advanced security options
  • Searchable uploads on File Finder or Mac Finder.
  • Allows offline access to files


  • Storage beyond 5G has an additional cost
  • No scheduled backups

2. Best Low-Cost Cloud Storage – IDrive

IDrive is a versatile, reliable cloud service that offers additional storage space at a competitive price. It offers 10GB of free storage which is enough to store the entire contents of a computer. It also offers a paid-for plan for five users that offers 5TB of storage, which is perfect for small businesses.

IDrive suits users who need to swiftly upload large files, including an entire hard drive. It offers affordable cloud storage that comes with many features, including easy-to-search archives, rapid upload speeds, mirroring options, fully encrypted backup, and the cloud can be backed up on an external hard drive or network.


  • Customizable file uploads
  • Daily scheduled file backup
  • Offers a Command Only version that supports Linux system
  • Credit card is not required for payment


  • No mobile access
  • Unlimited storage space is limited to one computer

3. Best Cloud Storage for Apple Users – Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is Apple’s signature storage and syncing service that is a built-in feature of macOS. Apple offers a strong security feature called Private Relay that obscures your IP address. Passwords are kept on a key chain, which makes it impossible for hackers to track your transferred files. Apple users also get 5G of cloud storage for free.

Apple iCloud is the best storage solution for those who exclusively use macOS and iOS. It suits all Mac and iPhone users who prefer compatibility with all Apple products, an attractive user-friendly interface, swift uploads, data synced in real-time, and users can turn sharing on and off as required.


  • Free 5GB storage
  • Files and photos are easily found
  • Files are protected with Apple ID sign-on
  • Files can be downloaded to Windows


  • Extra data costs more
  • No third-party photo sharing

3. Best Cloud Storage for Google Workspace Users – Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage and syncing service. This built-in feature automatically stores files in Google Docs and Photos. Google Drive offers a generous 15GB of file sharing space and it integrates easily with numerous third-party online apps.

Google Drive is the ideal choice for those who want a full featured-office suite that integrates with multiple platforms. It’s best for users who need storage for every type of file, desktop-to-desktop collaboration, integration with Google Docs, multiple desktop integrations, and fast connectivity with Chrome Browser.


  • Affordable annual payment plans ($6 for one year)
  • Backs up Gmail correspondence
  • Stores and records video conferencing
  • Compliant with International Security laws


  • Shared files do not have password protection
  • Does not integrate well with third parties

4. Best Cloud Storage for Syncing – Sync

Sync is a no-nonsense file synchronization service that works on every platform but Linux. It offers cloud syncing without an accompanying suite of business features. Sync gets everyone “on the same page” by updating clients, employees, computers, and mobile phones in real-time. Logos can be added to file folders to give them a professional branded look.

Sync suits those who need a secure “set and forget” type of program without any extra features. It offers immediate syncing, centralized folder organization, managed permissions, secure encryption, and access to five separate devices.


  • Solo Plan at $8 per month offers 2TB of storage
  • Mobile phone friendly
  • Recoverable from ransomware
  • Browse Sync Cloud files using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder


  • No Linux
  • No Third-Party Integrations

5. Best Cloud Storage for Third-Party Integrations – Dropbox

Dropbox is an established, reputable provider of syncing and storage services that offers many features including screenshots, video recordings, and e-signatures. It offers business users a lot of freedom when it comes to interacting with other platforms and every file type.

Dropbox best suits those who require numerous glitch-free interactions with third parties. It offers a user-friendly experience, integrations with 1,000s of applications, unlimited file backups, quick upload speeds, and online document editing.


  • An established pioneer of cloud storage
  • 2GB of free storage        
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • Scheduled uploads


  • The most expensive cloud storage option
  • Slow transfer times for large folders

6. Best Cloud Storage for Business Users – Box

Box is a web-based storage cloud that is desktop functionable and fully compatible with hundreds of popular business apps.

Box allows users to work with anyone from anywhere. It works quietly in the background to make sure your information is always synced. It’s ideal for remote workers as it can be used both online and offline.

Box offers browser-based functionality, integration with 1,500 applications, file syncing while offline, desktop access to cloud files, and compatibility with Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers.


  • Free version offers 10GB of storage space
  • Add-On apps add desk functionality
  • Drag and drop uploading
  • Includes a sidebar with Chat and Zoom


  • File size limits
  • Not useful for video uploads

7. Best Cloud Storage for Security – SpiderOak One

SpiderOak One is a secure cloud storage solution with a focus on private folder sharing. It suits business users that require enhanced security, as well as unlimited space and support.

Spider Oak offers strong encryption, unlimited file size, cross-platform sharing with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, unlimited file version tracking, and support for an unlimited number of computers.


  • Full-featured desktop
  • Scheduled back up
  • Yearly and monthly payment plans
  • Support of external drives


  • No multi-factor authentication for web logins
  • Not available for mobile apps


Which cloud storage solution offers a high amount of free storage?

Google Drive offers free storage of up to 15TB. IDrive and Box both offer 10TB of storage space.

Which cloud storage solutions offer file versioning along with online editing?

Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud Drive, Box, and Dropbox offer online editing. All offer file versioning except for Apple iCloud.

The Best Cloud Storage Is Compatible and Secure

With so many options available, it’s easy to find a platform that offers the best cloud storage solution for your purposes, whether for business, photo storage, file sharing, information sharing, ease of use, or security. Often the best cloud storage is the service most compatible and secure with your OS.

Are you looking for a cloud storage solution? If so, are any of the options reviewed in the article of interest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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