Disney Research’s FaceDirector can change your emotions on the fly

Disney Research has released a bizarre video demonstrating its latest filmmaking technology. While Disney has always been known to push the boundaries of modern filmmaking through technology, FaceDirector is just downright creepy.

FaceDirector is Disney Research’s latest tech tool and it allows directors to visually blend and modulate actors’ emotions in real time. This means that, in post-production, a director can take two different takes of the same scene and blend them together seamlessly to fix timing, alter emotions and even erase duff words. As I said before, creepy.

The video shows you just how seamless the technology is, with blended takes appearing almost like a natural performance.

The benefits of such a tool are instantly apparent. For a director, it allows them to shift the emotions of a scene during post-production if they feel there’s a need to, thus saving a lot of time and money reshooting scenes. It also turns the creation of a live-action movie into something akin to animated films, allowing directors to play with an audience’s emotions more effectively.

While FaceDirector is incredibly powerful stuff, it’s a shame it can’t fix the bad acting going on in its own demonstration video.

Disney research has also been hard at work making robots walk like they’re right out of a cartoon.

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