WATCH THIS: Drone-like 18-rotor personal helicopter makes its first manned flight

For many, autonomous cars are the future of urban transportation. However, German company E-Volo believes the future of transport will take place in the skies. While that may have seemed a far-fetched dream only a handful of years ago, E-Volo has now successfully carried out a manned flight in one of its 18-rotor multicopters.

Built over the last three years, E-Volo’s Volocopter VC200 is the only certified multicopter in the world. While the manned test flight isn’t as spectacular as you may hope – with the Volocopter still a way off its 60mph top speed – it does show you the capabilities of this drone-like helicopter.

Flight is made simple, with the VC200 capable of hovering and adjusting for wind changes without micromanagement from the pilot. This makes it ideal for newcomers and mass-market adoption further down the line.

Running entirely on electricity, the VC200 shows a future filled with noiseless aerial vehicles. It points to a time where we may see drone-based taxis and people taking to the skies to transport themselves. How exciting.

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