Elon Musk teases extra surprises for Boring Company’s tunnel unveiling

The Boring Company’s Sepulveda tunnel might have gotten the axe, but Elon Musk is still determined to live the Californian dream and drive underneath the notorious LA traffic.

Elon Musk teases extra surprises for Boring Company's tunnel unveiling

Its first tunnel, a little proof-of-concept in Hawthorne, will be unveiled on 18 December, according to the man himself. This is eight days later than originally planned, but this event will come with a couple little surprises. Musk recently announced on Twitter that the Boring Company will also reveal an above-ground autonomous transport car, as well as a car elevator system for the tunnel.

While the autonomous cars will be made by Tesla, it’s still not exactly clear what Musk meant when he called them “modded.” As for the elevators, they’ve been in the works since 2017. The first lift, located near the SpaceX headquarters on Crenshaw Boulevard, was the first construction made by The Boring Company. The tunnel’s exit, also in Hawthorne, is just over three kilometres away. Both the entrance and exit will include car lifts.

Unfortunately, we won’t know much more about the lifts or the autonomous cars until the official reveal in a few days. We do know that the tunnel and lifts will be free to use, that they’ll be open to the public right after the unveiling, and that they will hopefully be followed by a second, similar tunnel to Dodger Stadium. On the other hand, the ins and outs of the autonomous cars are being kept secret, which would be annoying if it wasn’t so on-brand for Musk.

With three huge releases all at the same time, the 18th should be a monumental day for The Boring Company. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get pushed back again. 

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