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The N12000 supports link aggregation, so we bundled the two Gigabit ports into an 802.3ad LACP dynamic link, which our HP Procurve 2848 switch spotted and automatically created for us. Partnering the X5560 server with a Dell PowerEdge R515 server, we mapped separate shares to each one from the RAID array and saw Iometer report a cumulative raw read speed of 219MB/sec.

IP SAN features are good. Thecus supports thin provisioning, which lets you create high capacity virtual volumes that start small and have blocks dynamically allocated as they grow in size. Performance is excellent, with Iometer reporting a high raw read speed of 110MB/sec for a 50GB target.

For backup, the price includes five copies of Acronis’ Backup and Recovery 10 for Windows Servers. Once you’ve created a vault on the appliance, backups of selected disks or volumes on the server can be run at daily, weekly and monthly intervals

Along with good data restoration features, Acronis provides plenty of disaster recovery tools. You can create a boot disk and enable the Startup Recovery Manager feature, which adds an option to the boot-up sequence allowing the server to run a recovery environment for bare metal restores.

Thecus N12000

The appliance’s OS is protected by Thecus’s dual-DOMs. The second DOM maintains a backup copy that’s called up if the primary one fails, and you can schedule backups to be run regularly.

Other backup options include support for Rsync, where the appliance acts as a target for other appliances. A free add-on module allows it to replicate to other targets, and Thecus has another that enables scheduling of folder backups on the appliance to local USB and eSATA devices.

As with Netgear’s ReadyNAS 4200, Thecus doesn’t offer any expansion capabilities so you can’t daisy-chain JBOD units from the main chassis. However, its Stackable feature does allow you to declare iSCSI targets on other Thecus appliances to the N1200, which can then export them as network shares.

By combining plenty of business related features with a decent server backup package, the N12000 moves Thecus into the big league for network storage. The 6Gbits/sec SAS drives deliver fine performance, it’s 10-Gigabit ready and it looks good value too.


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