How to Play in Reverse in TikTok

Unless you’re an expert in the all-singing, all-dancing platform that is Tik Tok, you probably think that the only way to play videos in reverse is to use a video editor. And whilst in theory, you could download a free tool like Blender and edit the movie in reverse, there’s actually a less labor-intensive method.

How to Play in Reverse in TikTok

The Default Reverse Function

Start by tapping the record icon, which is usually the “+” icon. Record your video and tap the “Check” icon. This will allow you to review/preview your video.

Now tap the “Effects” icon located in the bottom left corner of your screen. It looks a bit like a broken clock or stopwatch symbol.

Tik Tok

Doing this will bring up the effects function. There are “Time Effects” that you can choose from. One of them is “Reverse”. Select this and apply it to your video. In turn, your video will run in reverse.

When Do You Need A Video Editor?

Tik Tok isn’t built for sophisticated videos. It’s a place where people can easily cut videos together and add limited effects. It isn’t sophisticated because it’s aimed at people with smartphones, and not people with 4K cameras.

Pressing Effects Button

The effects you can add with Tik Tok are limited. Therefore, it may be worth loading your video onto your desktop and using a video editor. If you’re using Windows, then you already have a video editor. Put your video on your desktop and right click to open up the drop-down menu. Choose the option, “Open with Photos”.

Oddly enough, this brings up a video player. Near the top, it says, “Edit & Create”. Click on that, and it brings up the video editor.

When You Need Something More Advanced

Let’s say you want your video to run normally, and then reverse for an action replay. Or, maybe you want to have it run forwards and then backwards, and then forwards again. In a scenario, for instance, where you fall, recover, and then fall again in slow motion.

Such an effect will need a paid video editor, or a high-quality free video editor like Blender. Take your video, edit it, make it perfect, and then load it back onto your phone. You may then load your video into Tik Tok where you’ll still be able to use Tik Tok’s tools, and still be able to add Tik Tok’s musical scores.

Try the Slow-Motion Effect

Since video editors were mentioned, it’s worth trying out the Tik Tok “Slow Motion” function because it’s easier to use than most professional video editors make it. Plus, you can put it on, then take it off, without damaging your video in any way. A great time to use slow-motion is if things are moving a little fast and you wish to maintain some of the visual details.

Experiment a little as you try the slow-motion effects, but remember that the best shots are often caught by accident.

Speed and Momentum Is Everything

If you really want a good Tik Tok video in reverse, then shoot your video several times and experiment with pacing. This is where you experiment where you move at different speeds. You will discover things like how an odd walk looks almost normal on your reversed videos.

For example, when you walk normally, your foot moves more quickly when going down than when it’s being lifted. Put this motion in reverse and it looks a bit squiffy. However, if you purposefully moved your feet at the same rate going up as when stepping down, then it makes for a far more interesting reverse video.

Final Thoughts

Experiment with the effects that Tik Tok offers, but become conversant with the videos before you start churning out your own. This is because many people who use the reverse function are recording the same videos and doing the same thing as hundreds of other people, and it gets a bit boring. However, that said, the clever use of any of the Tik Tok effects can be legendary. But check out what other people are doing before you try it yourself.

Are you tired of cliché Tik Tok videos, are does each new video add a whole new flavor? Have you tried topping some of the most legendary Tik Tok videos? Let us know what you think in the comments sections below.

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