Google Pixel 2/2 XL – How To Turn off Autocorrect

Autocorrect is an option that many people can’t stand. There are countless reports of people saying it slows them down immensely because they have to go back and fix those “corrections”. It can truly produce nonsensical results and can even put you in an embarrassing situation if you don’t catch it in time. That’s why a lot of users choose to turn it off.

Google Pixel 2/2 XL - How To Turn off Autocorrect

Thankfully, it’s a pretty simple process. It does require navigating through quite a few menus, but we’re here to point you in the right direction. Just follow the instructions and you’ll fix this issue in literally a minute.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Enter the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon on your home screen.
  2. Once you tap the Settings button, you will see a menu that looks like this.

In here, you will find numerous options to change the way your phone works. Regardless of the issue, we are dealing with here, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with these settings. They can make the phone better suited to your preferences, plus whenever we go through all the menus of a phone, we always find some little feature we forgot about and these are always a pleasant surprise.

Back to the matter at hand. In the Settings menu, we are looking for the System option. It will be at the bottom of the list so just scroll down to it.

  1. Now that you’re in the System menu, you need to tap the option labeled “Languages, input & gestures”. Next, select the “Virtual keyboard” submenu. In here, tap the “Gboard” option.

Gboard is the default input method for the Google Pixel 2/2 XL and comes preinstalled. This is what you will be using unless you’ve downloaded a different Android keyboard. There are interesting options but they are not really needed as the Gboard will serve you just fine after we’ve fixed the autocorrect issue. Speaking of which, we’re almost there, just one more submenu to go through.

  1. Once you’re in the Gboard settings menu, select the “Text correction” option. This is the menu we’ve been searching for since the very beginning.
  2. Toward the bottom of the list, you will see a feature called “Auto-correction”. This is the culprit. Simply switch it off and you’re done.

Additional Note

That being said, there is one additional thing we would like to point out. Specifically, if you look at the top of the menu we needed to find, you will see an item labeled “Next-word suggestions”. This feature allows the phone to predict what your next world will be and offer it as a suggestion. By hitting space, the suggested word will be automatically used.

In theory, this is supposed to speed up your typing. However, we’ve found that it’s often more trouble than it’s worth. In our experience, most problems that people associate with text correction actually have to do with next word suggestions, rather than autocorrect. Therefore, you could try to turn those suggestions off, but keep autocorrect. This might give you the best user experience.

Either way, if you want to turn off autocorrect on your Pixel 2/2 XL, now you know how. We hope this helps your typing and prevents you from sending something you didn’t actually want to write.

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