How To Turn Off Autocorrect on the Galaxy S8/S8+

Although the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are both user-friendly phones, they have a few software flaws that can cause frustration. Unfortunately, the stock keyboard app that comes with these phones isn’t always up to scratch.

How To Turn Off Autocorrect on the Galaxy S8/S8+

The most common glitch is that the keyboard may simply not appear. Keyboard lagging is another common problem. To solve these issues, you can restart your keyboard and clear its cache.

But the predictive text function causes problems as well. The word suggestions aren’t reliable and your text might get altered without you noticing. You might end up sending a very different message than the one you intended.

So if you’re an S8/S8+ user, turning off the predictive text function can improve your spelling. While you may need to type more slowly when you don’t have autocorrect, it’s a relief to know that your text won’t get changed too much. So how do you get rid of autocorrect?

Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Off Autocorrect

Here is how you can disable the autocorrect option on your Galaxy S8 or S8+.

  1. Go into Settings

Look for the gear icon. You’ll find it on the Apps page. To get to the Apps page, swipe up or down from your home screen.

  1. Select General Management

  1. Select Language & Input

  2. Select Virtual Keyboard

This may also be labeled On-screen keyboard. Here, you can access the stock keyboard app on your phone.

  1. Select Samsung Keyboard

This tutorial doesn’t apply if you’re using a third-party app keyboard app such as Gboard. Other keyboard apps have different autocorrect functions.

  1. Tap on Smart Typing

Smart Typing is a catch-all term for your phone’s spell check, predictive text and punctuation check options.

  1. Select Predictive Text

You can switch the Predictive Text toggle to off. Now your phone won’t distract you by offering suggestions as you type. You can’t accidentally tap on one of the options and use the wrong word.

But if you like seeing the suggestions, you can keep Predictive Text turned on. There are two more autocorrect options under Predictive Text, and you can turn them off individually.

Auto Replace

While predictive word suggestions can be irritating, the Auto Replace function is the source of most autocorrect difficulties. If this option is turned on, it alters your words as you type. You may not notice when this happens, which can lead to a lot of embarrassment.

Turning this function off guarantees that your spelling mistakes happen naturally rather than resulting from a predictive algorithm. You can switch Auto Replace off while leaving Predictive Text on. But if you turn off the Predictive Text Option, Auto Replace will switch off too.

Text Shortcuts

This option lets you use shortcuts to replace your frequently used phrases. You enter the shortcuts yourself. While this can save you time, it can also lead to very unusual autocorrect fails.

A Final Word

If you often don’t read your messages before you send them, you should be careful with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Turning off Auto Replace may solve this problem. You can also get rid of automatic capitalization and automatic spacing.

But if you rely on autocorrect to catch your typos and keep your conversations on track, you should look into a third-party keyboard app. The predictive text function in these apps is generally more accurate and less invasive.

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