How to Turn Off Autocorrect on the Galaxy S9/S9+

Autocorrect fails may be hilarious, but they can cause serious misunderstandings. When you’re in a hurry, you don’t want to waste time checking whether your Galaxy S9 replaced the word you typed with something totally irrelevant.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on the Galaxy S9/S9+

Samsung’s smart text feature isn’t very accurate, and it might be better to risk typos than deal with the autocorrect changes. Fortunately, the Galaxy S9 offers a few options that are related to autocorrect. You can hold on to some aspects of smart typing and turn off anything you don’t need.

A Step-By-Step Guide

There are six steps that you need to take to get to the autocorrect settings. Start by going into Settings, and select General management.

  1. Settings
  2. General management

Then go into Language and input. Tap On-screen keyboard.

  1. Language and input
  2. On-screen keyboard

Here you select the keyboard app of your choice. This tutorial covers the stock Samsung Keyboard app. Keep in mind that you can download a third-party app for more accurate autocorrect options.

Select the Samsung Keyboard and then scroll down to Smart typing.

  1. Samsung Keyboard
  2. Smart typing

When you reach Smart typing, you get a few different choices.

Different Autocorrect Options in Galaxy S9

Smart typing can be a time-saver but it can also be a source of frustration. You can turn on any of the following functions by tapping on the On/Off toggle.

Notice that there isn’t a single autocorrect option. Instead, you can turn off Predictive text, Auto replace and Auto spell check independently of each other. Auto capitalize, Auto spacing, and Auto punctuate let you fine-tune your use of autocorrect.

Let’s look into what these options have to offer.

Predictive Text

When you start typing a word, this function offers suggestions that you can tap on before you finished typing the whole word. It predicts the next part of your sentence too. While this can save you some time, it is easy to select the wrong predicted words by mistake.

Auto Replace

Auto replace is the source of most autocorrect fails. When it’s turned on, this option completes or replaces what you typed based on commonly used words.

The purpose of this option is to correct typos without disrupting your typing flow. But it can be very irritating, especially when you failed to notice the auto changes before sending a message.

Auto Capitalize

This option capitalizes the first letter in your sentences. If you prefer no-caps typing, turn this off.

Auto Spell Check

When spell check is on, it highlights your typos by underlining them in red. If you keep this switched on while turning the other options off, you can catch mistakes but keep total control over the way you type. But if you find the underlines annoying, tap on this option to turn spell check off.

Auto Spacing

This option automatically inserts spaces between words as you type them.

Auto Punctuate

To allow you to type without breaking your stride, this option lets you enter a full stop by tapping the space bar twice in a row.

Keyboard Swipe Controls

If you dislike typing by tapping on each letter, you can turn on this Swipe-to-Type option.

Quick Recap

To turn off autocorrect on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, follow these steps:

Settings > General management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Samsung Keyboard > Smart typing

There are a few options when you get to Smart typing.

Turn off any or all of these options to get full control over your typing.

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