How To Turn Off Autocorrect on the iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is one of the latest models of Apple’s iconic smartphone. It comes with a bunch of improvements and new features, but the autocorrect option can still give you headaches. Sometimes it works just as it’s supposed to, but more often than not it puts odd words into your texts.

How To Turn Off Autocorrect on the iPhone XS

You shouldn’t worry too much about autocorrect since it can be easily disabled on you iPhone XS. Take a look at the following steps to avoid sending unintentionally funny or downright embarrassing messages to your friends and family members.

Turning Off Autocorrect

1. Access the Settings App

Tap on the Settings app on your Home screen to enter the menu. Then swipe up until you reach the General tab and tap again to open it.

2. Enter the Keyboard Settings

Once inside the iPhone Settings menu, swipe up until you get to Keyboard and tap on it to access additional settings.

3. Toggle Off Auto-Correct

The autocorrect function is easily disabled simply by tapping on the button next to the feature. If you change your mind, you can repeat the steps and enable the function by tapping on the button again.

Other Text Correction Features

Besides autocorrect, your iPhone XS comes with a few other text correction functions that you might actually want to keep enabled. These functions help you type faster, learn the words you frequently use, and streamline your punctuation. Take a look at the list of the functions below:


This is a neat feature that puts a capital letter at the beginning of your sentences or after a full stop. In addition, Auto-Capitalization also makes proper nouns and “I“ capital in your messages. However, you should know that the function might also sometimes capitalize the words that don’t need capitalizing.

Enable Caps Lock

If you keep this feature on, tapping twice on the Shift button gives you the Caps Lock function. Since this is one of the most frequently used keyboard options and you trigger it manually, it is handy to keep it on.

Smart Punctuation

This is one of the features that the iPhone fans who care about typography anxiously awaited. First introduced in iOS 11, it automatically changes (–) into a hyphen and deals with proper apostrophe usage, among other things.

Character Preview

Character Preview is probably one of the coolest text correction functions because it allows you to see different emoticons as you type. You just need to type a word or use punctuation symbols and the suggested character will appear above the keyboard on the right.


You can find the Predictive Text option under the English tab in the Keyboard settings. This might be one of the most useful functions since it can fairly accurately predict the words you want to type. If you keep this function on, it will learn your typing habits and help you type faster.

The Final Correction

As you can see, turning off the autocorrect function on iPhone XS is plain sailing. If you want to avoid tapping, you can even ask Siri to take you directly to the Autocorrect Settings menu. Either way, there is no need to stress over autocorrect fails in your messages since it is so easy to avoid them altogether.

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