How To Turn Off Autocorrect on OnePlus 6

One of the most common problems among all smartphone users is the frustration with autocorrect settings. This affects the OnePlus 6 users as well, especially those who like to text a lot and those who simply can’t live without using numerous chat platforms.

How To Turn Off Autocorrect on OnePlus 6

The Annoying Feature

Even though engineers who created autocorrect in the first place probably had the best intentions in trying to be helpful, in reality it can be really annoying. Autocorrect relies on algorithms to learn and predict the words that you use the most and suggest them in your everyday conversation with your friends.

Yes, it does sometimes come in very handy as it fixes some of the most common typos, but in all honesty, we’re all really grateful that there is an option for turning it off.

How to Turn It Off?

Luckily enough, turning the autocorrect option off on your OnePlus 6 can be done fairly easily, and doesn’t require any hacking skills.

Step 1

You need to run any app that requires you to use your pre-installed keyboard. This could be your favorite chat app, your email viewing client, or simply the app you use to send SMS messages. Whichever you choose, it will give you the same easy access to the autocorrect settings. Just follow these few steps.

Step 2

Tap and hold the Dictation Key, which is the first one on the left to your space bar. Once you do that, a Settings gear will show up, so tap on that as well.

Step 3

The next step takes you to the keyboard settings. You will be greeted by a handful of options, but you need the one called Smart Typing.

Step 4

Once you get in there, you will find an option called Predictive Text. This is basically the one that’s been causing you all the troubles, so it’s simply a matter of toggling it on and off.


As you can see, turning off the annoying autocorrect option on your brand new OnePlus 6 is a really easy and fast process. Now you can type all you want without constantly getting frustrated with autocorrect “speaking” for you.

When you have some free time on your hands, we strongly suggest checking out and learning all the Smart Typing options as this can help you tailor your phone, even more, to fit your needs precisely and help you express yourself the best way possible.

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