How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on the iPhone 6S

Taking photos is one of the most common functions on the iPhone 6S. Whether you are taking some beautiful landscape shots, or simply taking selfie after selfie, we all use our camera quite a bit. However, something that is quite annoying about the picture-taking experience on the iPhone is the sound. That loud shutter sound alerts everyone within an earshot of you that you have just taken a photo. While that doesn’t matter in some places, there are some places (like libraries or classrooms) where you really wouldn’t want your phone making a sound every time a photo is taken.

How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on the iPhone 6S

Thankfully, there is a way to turn off this camera sound so you can take photos in silence without everyone staring at you. And it is also incredibly simple and quick to do on the iPhone 6S. All you need to do is feel down the left side of your device. As you get near the top of the phone, you will feel a little switch. There you see or feel a “mute” button, which will restrict your phone to being silent or on vibration. When you are able to see a small amount of orange color above the button, you know your device is muted.

Simply switching the button to the muted position will be enough to turn off the camera shutter sound. It would be a good idea to give it a try and take a photo while in the muted position to make sure the button is working and isn’t damaged or unresponsive for one reason or another. If you take a photo with the phone muted and hear no sound, congratulations, you can now take selfies in public without people looking at you!

You can also make the shutter sound quieter by going into the Settings app and changing the volume of the Ringer and Alerts, but this will also turn down the volume/mute the various other alerts on your device, including the ringtone when you get a phone call. As a result, this method does have some drawbacks.nThere are other ways to disable the camera sound, but they involve jailbreaking your device. So unless you were already planning on jailbreaking, there is no point in going through all of that work just to silence the camera, when there is already a simple way to do it.

So while this is easy to do (turning off the camera sound), you might run into some problems at some certain times. For example, some countries are against the ability to silence phone cameras at all. This is to prevent people from taking sneak photos of unsuspecting people. In fact, all iPhones sold in Japan are unable to turn off the sound of the cameras. So if you live in Japan, this article won’t be of any use to you at all, unless you bought your phone from another country.

Also, just because you can take photos silently now, that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of this in a negative way, it’s not cool to take photos of people without their knowledge, even if you can do it silently.

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